My wife is feeling uncomfortable about the NEW LIGHT

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  • respectful_observer

    My wife brings up the seeming contridictions of doctrine and the apparently bizarre Nooo Lite TM that seems to be coming out faster than ever. Of course, her reaction is "Who cares? What does it really matter? Why do so many people get bent out of shape over it?"

    I wonder if she'll still think it doesn't matter years from now...when our children have grown up, knowing there's a 70% chance they'll have left the Org by then and she won't be able to talk to them anymore.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    It's a papal power-grab

    I misread that as Paypal and thought WTF!

    I wonder how long before they do open an account though. Lol

  • tornapart

    The other day I asked my elder husband 'who appointed the GB to be the FDS?' He didn't answer... I asked 'show me in the bible where it says Jesus appointed the GB to be the FDS'... again no answer... I said 'THEY told us that Jesus had appointed them as the FDS... so how do they know?' Again.. silence....

    I think he's still thinking about it...

  • sosoconfused

    @ Sophie

    The current study article has a question from readers in it about Invitro Fertilization(sp)...

    " The development of IVF opened the way to other procedures that definitely conflict with God’s thinking as reflected in the Scriptures. For example, a woman’s eggs might be fertilized with sperm from a man who is not her husband. She might then allow the resulting embryos to be implanted in her. (Lesbian couples sometimes resort to this procedure.) Or a husband’s sperm might be used to fertilize the eggs from a woman who is not his wife. The husband’s wife might then allow the resulting embryos to be implanted in her.

    In a variation that some term “embryo adoption,” the embryos placed in a wife’s womb involve neither her eggs nor her husband’s sperm. In yet another variation, a married couple’s eggs and sperm are fertilized outside the womb by IVF. The resulting embryos are then implanted in the womb of a surrogate, a woman who carries the baby and delivers it for them. *

    Those reproductive procedures are unacceptable to God’s servants out of respect for his direction: “You must not give your emission as semen to the wife of your associate to become unclean by it.” (Lev. 18:20, 29; Prov. 6:29) When fertilization involving eggs or sperm (or both) from someone not within the marital union occurs, this amounts to what the Bible terms por·nei′a, sexual immorality. Those procedures are a gross misuse of the sexual organs.—Matt. 5:32; 1 Cor. 5:11; 6:9, 18; Heb. 13:4"

  • sosoconfused

    I am beginning to notice what most people on here probably have long ago. Trying to get someone to see the erred teachings only makes it harder for them to accept it. They have to see something for themself and eventually they will ask you... in our 12 years of marriage my wife never ever mentioned anything to me about things that bothered her. When I finally confessed to her how I had been feeling she occasionally would ask me how I felt about this or that.

    It takes time for people to come to grips with the fact that much of what they believe is something that is being told to them and not something they came to realize on their own.

    For instance she said why does God care what we do in the bedroom?

    Why do we have to tell kids not to go to college?

    Why do we have to break up families?

    Truthfully I will never expect her to care about 607 or 1914 because truthfully many people don't think that deeply. Its the day to day things that people deal with that they are scared will result in thier death.

  • 00DAD

    Who cares? What does it really matter? Why do so many people get bent out of shape over it?"

    Ummm, how about 'cuz it's supposed to be "The Truth."

    Remember, these are the same folks that are constantly harping on about the importance of accurate knowledge.

    It either is or it ain't.

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  • exwhyzee
    I laughed out loud and said I have no idea babe - just do what they tell you.

    That was a good response....if you'd have hashed all the details over with her there and then, she may have gotten on the defensive and dug her heels in. I've found sometimes the less said the better. Let them come to you with questions and give them just enought information to make them interested.

    I somehow missed hearing about the information regarding I.V.F. being pornea. Where can that be found ?


  • Finkelstein

    Yes and it should be obvious to most discerning intelligent people that all of this occurred because the WTS./JWS is centralized

    around a publishing house.

    A blend of capitalism with religious freedom created the WTS., plain and simple.

    It would be quite foolish to think the growing number of the anointed class has nothing to do with this newly

    developed structuring policy within the WTS organization.


    Emery, you are hilarious! Captain Planet!! LOL!! Didn't you use the term " theological Voltron "? Don't forget the Mighty Orbots!

    What about Gatchaman, science ninja team. They combine to form the Firery Phoenix! Or the Vortex attack! Still they are individuals. Makes my wonder why a Triune God cannot exist...

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