How to judge pedophilia on paradise ?

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  • Lurker001

    Hi everybody,

    My very first topic post, to present myself I only can say I'd been a lurker here for a while.

    Since English is not my mother tongue please just disregard my grammatical faults as well unfluency in the composition of my text.

    I felt motivated to post because I'm interesting to now your opinion to the subject below explained

    because myself I could not find a perfect solution without raising collateral questions.

    For those whom believe in God I want to know how you think He should handle the issue.

    For those whom don't believe in God also I would like to know your view, please take it just as intellectual exercise on how an Almighty God should do.

    First of all I want to state that in my opinion pedophilia, adults having sexual feelings for children is the result of a twisted, sick, perverted mind.

    For the sake of this post please understand to children the following range (0 - 10 years old)

    because I don't want to enter in a debate about cases where persons are legally underage but with an older appearance due their body/mind development.

    Hereby is the scenario:

    According with JW beliefs,

    - it will be a bunch of millions resurrected people on paradise.

    - Also an unnumbered great crowd will survive Armageddon.

    Considering that… its naive to think none would eventually developed pedophilia thoughts on paradise even with perfection

    since perfection did not prevented an angel become Satan.

    How should God handle the issue?

    1. the own God's law says once the thoughts break thought into actions or deeds you become accountable.

    Taking that in consideration God cannot put to death someone just for have arousing pedophile thoughts.

    for instance God at certain moment knew with all certainty ( let's say couple of seconds before ) Cain would in fact assassin Abel.

    He did not stop him, He let the sinful thought break through an action.

    then He judged Cain.

    Would be fair for a child if God allows in paradise let someone actually commit the action in order to proof the point? and then apply death penalty.

    Personally I don't think any another less severe punishment is valid.

    How could you restore the damage on the child? both physical damage and emotional damage?

    Erasing the memory? but if that is so then the memory should be deleted from everyone involved

    because it is not fair be seen for others like "the one has been abused"

    How can you restore the fact the child has been stolen from something very important: his/her right to chose to whom have the very first intercourse.

    2. If God decide to stop the pedophile action before its happens.

    then in what moment should be? to have enough proof without damage unnecessary the child

    is He going to have the angels like law enforcement vigilant?

    if someone is judged with death, someone might follow this reasoning:

    Have you seen DDDDD person?

    reply: No

    Has been put to death

    reply: why? what he did??

    This scenario might create a kind of dictatorship fears around others.

    Unless are openly disclosed the reasons and proofs

    but even though someone would argue: he did "attempt"

    so how many attempts would be enough to grant death penalty without raise questioning in a society?

    I cannot recall in biblical records any God's judgment applying death penalty for "attempts to sin"'

    Personally I think judging other’s fate is a serious business, I would say even for God

    Also the concept of justice and/or Divine Justice in this particular issue is not easy to apply.



  • Lurker001

    any comments?

  • clarity

    Lurker001 ..... first of all welcome to this board!

    Your english is fine...don't worry.


    Paradise the way JW's explain it ... is loaded with problems!


    The 'teaching' that all those coming back in the resurrection,

    will not marry or be given in marriage... just like the angels...

    seems to create a third type of human.


    One who is now recreated not to procreate or have feelings

    of attraction for the opposit sex! (or the same sex)!


    This also brings up a whole lot more unsolvable

    questions, including those on pedophillia.


    A first post discussing this subject, might be a bit too much.

    So tell us more about yourself, are you an active jw?


    So keep searching, keep posting, & you will find your answers.


  • Lurker001

    Hi clarity,

    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    Due the lack of response somehow I started to wonder if I did say something wrong or was misunderstood by the native english speakers.

    I'm bit shy about to talk over my personal details in internet in general.

    However I can tell you that many years ago in my youth I did have studies with JW's, at that time my parents wanted keep their teenagers busy

    so they went for music lessons and JW studies, you know JW they offered for free. So for my parents it was a good deal.

    Why I dropped this question here?

    Lately this issue became puzzling in my mind for the following reasons:

    - During the lasts months has been the pedo's issue a lot in local media ( daycare cases, priests, etc ) and JW's are not an exception.

    - In may job there is a women from the Evangelical (I think pentecostal church) often talking about God and how she helps the church, doing this and that…

    - plus I became a father not so much time ago

    So the issue just naturally raised on me. I know some people here don't believe on God I'm fine with that and I respect that.

    For me to be honest the idea a superior intelligent entity will fix the mess we are living is very much appealing.

    Taking the good ones to heaven or earth or let them chose whatever they want to go … for me doesn't matter...

    the concept of Divine Justice became the subject of my interests regard pedophilia.

    So hereby the options I found:

    1. If God will take all the good ones to heaven like my coworker explain me. I thought…. That is a very good fix!!! … I like that…no more pedos for sure on heaven.

    2. But the concept JW's teaches is also appealing at least eye catching (recently JW were nocking at my door with those magazines portraying paradise and families together)

    but then my questions about how God's justice it will be applied for peodophilia in that scenario came to my mind.

    3. There is not god and the only I can rely on in on human justice. to be honest many times sucks and the fact there is not death penalty for pedos bother me. Correct me if I'm wrong but not country has it

    For now the only thing I can do is do my utmost to protect my loved ones so far I can in that regard.



  • clarity

    Hi Lurker, congratulations on becoming a father!


    Don't feel that you have asked the "wrong" question,

    not at all .... keep asking them! Some times the board gets

    slow ... people busy with week-end coming up and such!

    Hang in here, things change fast.

    Maybe for now change the subject or ask different questions.

    People here aren't usually this quiet ...sorry keep trying

    Looking forward to your posts


  • Borges

    Hi Lurker,

    a warm welcome from Germany!

    I like your reasoning. In the Paradise the JW imagine, there is only one sort of crime left: Thought crime. And there is only one who can detect it: God. And only one who will judge: God. And only one who will execute the sentence: God.

    The perfect world would be a perfect dictatorship.

  • happy@last
    [email protected]

    Hi, and welcome here. I guess most JWs would say that in the 'paradise' everyone is perfect and won't have imperfect thoughts, perhaps they think that no one will have free will also. And in time once the earth is filled there will be no children.

    All the above does not sound valid, I like your reasoning. As far as my belief goes, there is no 'loving Father' about to bring paradise

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    As the WT have taken it upon themselves to decide who is a predator of children or not, i imagine the 'paradise' run by these men will be worse as there would not be any law to take them to task for it...

    a paradise but for who?


  • Lurker001

    Thanks to all for the welcome and your time replying my post.

    I would like take God/religion out of the equation for a while… we can come back into them later on if you wish.

    Let's just imagine we (clarity,borges,[email protected],aussieoz,me) are going to create a new political state in somewhere earth's corner.

    I do believe a good set of laws as well the fair enforcement of them lead to a progressive human societies.

    I don't see how a society can move forward where everyone do what they want.

    So first we are going to legislate over pedophilia within many other things.

    First of all how should be considered the pedophile deeds?

    I think is a crime

    What should be the punishment over a pedo?

    I think death penalty should be the correct one

    Hereby my reasons:

    As far I 'd read on internet the damage done in a child goes more far that the physical one.

    Many victims says words like:

    "although alive I felt death in my soul"

    "my innocence was stolen"

    "my entire life was ruined, I could not properly sexually interact with others because of that"

    and so on and on

    Because justice more or less means for me " get even " I cannot find any other fair punishment.

    Also gives the perpetrator shelter and food in a prison for the rest of his life at the expenses of taxpayers also doesn't sound right for me.

    Especially if the only thing will do is extent in those fantasies once locked up.

    At the very end why we would need that sort of person in our hypothetical country??

    Would be nice if I get straight answers with your reasons backing them.



  • irondork

    Welcome, Lurker. To echo, your English is great.

    I was thinking about your question and trying to come up with an answer within the confines of existing JW beliefs, like you said. First of all, I agree that pedophilia is the result of a sick, deseased mind. If we are to be cured of all sickness in the new world, that should take care of the problem. We wouldn't have to ask how a thought or action of pedophilia might be taken care of because a perfect, healthy mind would never conceive such a thing.

    Then you compared the idea of thinking about or acting on pedophilia with what Satan did when he thought about and eventually acted on rebelling against God. This makes me wonder if the two concepts can be reasonably compared to eachother. Not saying they can't - just wondering.

    When humans lost their perfection, someone had to define the parameters of what constitutes human imperfection. The aging process, vulnerability to sickness, diminished control over our carnality. That was not something Satan did. God is the one who wrote those definitions, otherwise, they could not exist.

    I wonder if an erasure of the definitions that constitute human imperfection would preclude the possibility of thoughts or desires that were the direct result of having instituted those definitions in the first place.

    Perhaps I'm way off base. But in my humble opinion, being power hungry and seeking to hold the position of God, although sinister, is not comparable to the extreme mental sickness required to do what a pedophile does to a child. I have no doubt Satan latched on to the concept and promotes it with a grin on his face. But I wonder if it is something that could have ever existed without the defined parameters of human imperfection established by God.

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