So where is all this supposed worldwide persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses?

by Reality79 32 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Stauros

    They are a legend in their own mind....[lisarose]

    This is a good statement :) They are mislead, or willingly deceiving people. GOD knows, and will set those in charge of the W.T.B.T.S. straight.


  • joe134cd

    Unfortunately I used to think like this, that we would be objects of heatred. Now I just think it's more a case of people not wanted to be bothered with something they arnt interested in.

  • Stauros

    I was a J.W. for many years and was never persecuted or hated to the extent that the bible foretells. It wasn't until after the 911 attacks that people looked at me badly and even feared me. This is because I am Native American and somewhat resemble those from The Middle East. It prompted me to shift my way of thinking in what the bible actually foretells. People viewed me as a terrorist, and it is true that all nations hate those of the Muslim, Islamic faith. So I firmly believe that they are the ones that are foretold of in the bible. If that being the case, this should tell us how close we are to the end......think about it.


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