Another Rant by Whathehadas

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  • whathehadas

    @Pickler Thanks for the insight

    @ DesirousofChange Thanks for the advice. Maybe I should see a counselor. I will seriously consider it

  • LostGeneration

    Hey WTH, sorry to hear of your troubles. I can relate to a lot of what you said, being a born in myself. I double lifed it growing up, so fortunately I was able to enjoy some of the things you missed out on growing up. But I was stupid in that I remained more than a decade in the cult after reaching my twenties.

    The thing that helps me is changing my focus to how powerful it is to be a person who has escaped a cult. Its not easy, I know dozens who go through the motions, not truly happy, and definitely not free because they simply are too scared to look at the damn truth about this religion.

    ANYONE who gets out of a cult is a powerful, powerful person. They have looked at these wicked men and stood up to them - told them "Not one more minute" will I give to you. And they have paid the price, no matter how high.

    In return, you are free. Yes freedom is hard sometimes, nobody is there to tell you go here and go there and you will get to live forever someday. Instead you have to be responsible and accountable to yourself, again something most JWs simply don't have the "balls" to do. Instead, they pray to their imaginary God asking him to work it out for them.

    Social stuff comes in time, just be yourself. Its different, you don't get a bunch of "friends" simply because you go to a Kingdom hall twice a week, but I'll gladly trade hundreds of my old "friends" for the dozen or so I have now who will really accept me for who I am, not my religious identity.

  • whathehadas

    LostGeneration I've never really stopped and thought about that. Pretty powerful talk. Thanks

  • crmsicl

    You can become bitter or become better.

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