Just had a shep visit

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  • WatchtowerFree

    Good job

  • EmptyInside

    They want to set up a visit in the next two weeks with me. It's supposed to be a standard visit,yeah. Anyway,I'm probably just going to get it over with and not say anything.

    And someone from my hall asked my brother,who is an elder,how I'm doing. He has no clue I rarely go anymore. I was trying to keep it from him. What a big mouth. I know she meant well,but,how about asking me instead of,my brother who I am not close to anyway.

    Well,I learned from this board the less you say the better.

    My practiced phrases,"Well,that is something to think about." "Thank you for your concern." "I'd prefer to keep my own council on the matter while I give it more consideration." That one is my favorite.

    It's probably only a matter of time for me. It may be best to get it over with at once,but taking the fading route for the sake of my elderly mother.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Well done.

    The elders of my old congregation never try to "shepherd" me directly. They've tried to pressure my parents to try to get me in line, but that certainly hasn't worked. My parents learned not to mention preaching to me, since I've got a pile of responses for that, including:

    • How should I respond if householders ask about Candice Conti or the other pedophile cases against Watchtower?
    • How should I respond if asked about how millions of species of animals could have fit in the ark? Nothing in the Reasoning book answers many of the questions I've encountered.
    • What if someone asks about the decades we spent preaching that armageddon would come within 80 years of 1914? Here again, the Reasoning book is full of "old light", still proudly displaying the teachings that time has proven to be false.

    "My wife was crying the whole time, she usually never cries."

    My mom tried tears just once. Although I suppose they were in sincerity, I reminded her that I used to shed many tears when I was trying to live with a set of shifting beliefs and unfulfilled promises that were slowly ruining my life. The transformation of my life to being much more full of life and happiness, she really doesn't see any value in trying to force me to return.

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    Capt how long was your visit before they used "Field Service and Meetings are the cure to depression and unhappiness"? Meetings but more so, Field Service is the real Panancea of all problems that ill us!

    "I Got 99 Problems And Field Service And Meeting At One Of Them!" The artist formerly known as Jay Z

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Captain Obvious.......you have a PM.

  • Gojira_101

    Good for you! I hate how the elder manipulate and use the fear tactics.

    It's funny last month when the elder called for our time he asked if we would like a shepharding call....I flat out told him no and used the excuse we were just too busy and we were doing fine anyways and to take the time to spend with his family, all I got was the MEH response. It will be interesting when he calls next week for our time.


  • out4good3

    The one guy was trying really hard to relate to me, while the other one was getting frustrated that i wouldnt see things his way.

    Ahh...they played the old "good cop\ bad cop" routine.

  • cobaltcupcake

    That must have been tough. I would have been gritting my teeth the whole time.

  • hoser

    hey captain obvious

    call them out on their bullshit next time around. If they imply that you're gonna die at the big A ask them if they really believe that will happen. Ask

    them for scriptural proof. Then go get a writing pad and a pen. Hand it to one of the elders and ask him to write down why he believes that Jehovah

    will kill you at armageddon and ask him to print his name, write the current date and sign it. (he won't do it) Then tell him you will fax a copy of that

    letter to the branch to see if they feel the same way. Then tell the elder if he really believes that captain obvious will be executed at

    armageddon he should have no problem putting it in writing.

  • wallsofjericho
    When he tried to say that not going in service made me blood guilty I said; "thats a bit of a stretch, dont you think?"

    i expect to hear this. not a bad response I must say., I will think about this one today.

    I expect my wife to cry. I hate that b/c I can dismiss away the elders but if I disregard my wifes feelings that makes me a jerk. I just don't want my wife to beg the elders for all kinds of "help" and then my job gets even harder to avoid these guys

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