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  • insearchoftruth4

    Hi Eden, its great thing to go to university, I am very happy my teen is doing what fulfills, Knowledge! THINK critically by Facione/Gittens 2013. Fantastic text book. Their Major is in medicine ect. To deconstruct the WTS: 100% failure rate and counting! Follow the links mentioned. As far as the congo thing. Oh well, as they say, its a personal choice but be prepared for the ??? Might open some eyes for the better, see through the LIES of the WTS........insoftr4

  • Fernando

    What percentage of lawyers, doctors, engineers and architects working at/for Bethel have universtity degrees?

  • james_woods
  • Larsinger58

    I think a good idea is to determine what he wants to do. Even a good education or a degree in the wrong field will not guarantee work.

    Basically, if someone is going to go into the full-time service, he needs to be able to take care of himself and going to a trade school is the wise thing to do. Basic sckills in some trade will assure that he can take care of himself and not be a burden on the local congregation as so many who just get out of high school with no real skills and then try to make it and the congregation has to help them.

    BUT, if the is not planning to go into the full-time service, and thus he might be considering getting married and having a family, he needs to consider how he plans to do that. There are lots of places on the internet that project what fields will be growing or that are now in demand, like the health field or telecommunications. So it depends on what he wants to do. He may want to be a nurse, a PA or try to be a doctor. Of course, that also depends on how smart he is and how much money he has, and also on what he wants to do. That all goes without saying that he might be a talented musician or singer and could possibly make money in the entertainment field, if that's his interest.

    But definitely, none of this graduating from high school and working at McDonald's unless it is just to make some extra money for books and tuition. I don't think anyone can afford not to go to trade school or college at this point. Plus I think the congregation knows. Many in my congregation are nurses and skilled in some other ways!! There's no shame in getting higher education any more, expect for the high-end careers, like being a doctor.

    Plus, after you get that education, everyone is so proud of you! If you're a nurse or a counselor or something with a good job, people are proud of you.

    Plus, the parents need to give the children guidance and be real!

  • james_woods

    More BS.

  • Scully

    I returned to school in my 30s. Many JW acquaintances gave me flak about Armageddon™ being Right Around The Corner™, and urged me to Pioneer™ rather than waste 3 years in college getting an education and into a well respected and well compensated career.

    This year will be 15 years since my graduation and 15 years with my employer. I have a career that I love and a comfortable lifestyle because of it. The JWs who gave me grief about returning to school are still complaining about their lot in life just as they did 20 years ago when I first started thinking about going back to school, about how they can't afford this or that, how Pioneering™ is so hard, how they wish they had a nice house of their own instead of paying rent, how they wish they didn't have to clean houses for a living or work minimum wage because that's all they are qualified to do... and on and on and on... I hated the "poor me" attitude so many Pioneers™ have and decided to make something of my life, and yet despite all the complaining they do about their lot in life (i.e., the consequences of their choices - or having reaped what they have sown) they all believe that I did something horrible by going back to school.

    And then they get up on the platform and tell thousands of people how Pioneering™ is so rewarding, so fulfilling and how they recommend it to everyone. The only reason they want everyone else to Pioneer™ is so that nobody will be better off than them. Those Experiences™ JWs hear about are all bull$h!t.

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