Old People Should Hurry Up and Die - says the New Japanese Finance Minister

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  • FlyingHighNow

    Sounds like he'd make a great republican candidate here in the USA.

  • GLTirebiter
    Sounds like he'd make a great republican candidate here in the USA.

    Sounds like a real-life democrat I remember. Richard Lamm said essentially the same thing. From Time Magazine:

    Colorado's Governor causes a furor on the issue of dying

    The words seemed calculated to provoke an uproar. Elderly people who are terminally ill "have a duty to die," declared Colorado Governor Richard Lamm, 48, at a meeting of the Colorado Health Lawyers Association last week in Denver. "Like leaves which fall off a tree forming the humus in which other plants can grow, we've got a duty to die and get out of the way with all of our machines and artificial hearts, so that our kids can build a reasonable life."

  • FlyingHighNow

    Well, GL, all I have to say is that this guy is a republican in sheep's clothing. You know that the GOP is close to 100 % against health care reform and runs their mouths daily about cutting medicare and social security. They pressured Obama about doing it during the fiscal cliff "negotiations". To the credit of a couple of republican senators, they did vote for the Affordable Care Act. And there were some other republicans in sheeps clothing, calling themselves democrats that voted against it. Their lack of care and regard for our elderly, most of whom (or their spouses) paid payroll taxes for decades, is evil. And if the dems cave and cut medicare and social security, they aren't much better. Under the affordable care act, the medicare budget was trimmed, but in turn preventative care and wellness will be covered to catch illness and problems before they get way out of hand and expensive to treat.

  • zeb

    The way the older and aged people are treated in Australia he has friends in the capital already.

  • Sulla

    Since we've managed to turn this partisan, it is worth noting that the idea of abortion as beneficial (in part) because it would reduce the number of undesirable (meaning, black) children was advanced and adopted by the American Left, back in the Progressive Era. Even now, of course, the idea that humans are a blight or disease on the Earth is almost exclusively a lefty position.

  • wasblind

    Sulla, the last time I checked, nobody is forced to abort their black babies

    Pro-choice is exactly that. Pro-choice

    White folk have that same choice

    Back on topic , all I can say for the leader of Japan is this :

    Keep livin', he'll hear his own words again, from someone else


  • designs

    Well there are to many of us as a species for what we consume from the planet. We will be 9 billion in a decade. 400 years from now what will our earth be like. Eugenics is difficult. In Sparta deformed babies were left out to die or killed outright. We can sustain life for long periods with our advances in medicine and machines. Having had to make the decision to end medical care for my parents was both difficult and, its hard to find the word, let me say it was time and the doctors were very helpful in explanning what was going on with each of my parents and I hope my children will do the same for me.

    I am not surprised by Japanese youth leaving Japan for a safer environment, especially if they want to have children. We should be warned sooner than later if radiation is being detected in our sea foods.

  • wasblind

    Hello designs,

    eugenics is a thread of it's own, That happened here in North carolina ( 1929-1973 )

    people sued because their right to procreate was taken away

    Pro-choice gives a person the right to choose , Eugenics took away rights

    to choose , just like when the right talked of bannin' birth control and abortion

    and wanted to cut funds from family planning clinics. It takes away the right to choose


  • kurtbethel

    They are a dying people. Let them pass.

  • Sulla

    wasblind, I suggest you go look up some of the commentary from early proponents of the movement. Everybody figured and hoped that the result would be pretty much what it has been: lower classes aborting.

    For example, if you were a racist, what would you make of the fact that 74 percent of pregancies to black women are aborted in New York City, according to the Times? See here:


    Or, if you thought humans were a blight, in general, and longed for the extermination of all of them, what would you make of this, from the article:

    A 17-year-old girl there to pick up a friend said she had had an abortion in May. It was her second; the first was when she was 15. The girl said she sometimes used condoms. “But I wasn’t using them when I got pregnant,” she said. “I might use them more now, but I don’t know.” Like the other women outside the clinic, she asked not to be named to preserve her privacy.

    One has to wonder whether "choice" has any sort of meaning to this young woman. Perhaps you mean to suggest that her birth control -- or indifference to it -- along with her sexual activity level is some sort of freely-given choice. I would disagree.

    But, whatever. Maybe this 17 year old girl should just hurry up and die, herself. Clearly, she isn't going to amount to much...

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