Would you read your child's diary?

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  • wasblind

    It's a natural thing to love our children wit' all our heart

    and it's hard not to become blinded by that love, especially

    if it's our children

    Some may say they trust their children without a doubt

    because of the way they raised them. All I can say is I did

    my best

    I couldn't afford to become over confident wit' blind trust

    I have known too many parents who slept on wet pillows

    and drank salted coffee from their own tears the next mornin'


  • mrsjones5

    My relationship with my kids ain't that open. I respect their right for privacy to a certain extent which does not include drunken joyrides or drug use.

  • tornapart

    My own mum instilled in me a person's right to privacy. She never even came into my room after I turned 11 except to put things in a cupboard. I had to look after my own room. For her to snoop around would have been completely against her nature. I feel the same way, I could never have snooped in my children's rooms after they got to a certain age where privacy becomes important. Of course as others have suggested, suspecting they may be on drugs could make a difference.

  • JeffT

    If we wanted to know something about our kids, we asked. After they became teenagers our rule about their rooms was simple: if it didn't threaten the cleanliness or security of the rest of the house we left it alone. When we ran out of dishes and silverware we made them clean out all ths stuff stashed in their rooms. Probably one of the most effect punishments we ever handed out occured when our oldest son slammed his door one too many times. I took it off the hinges and threw it in the back of the pickup for a couple of days. The loss of privacy made a very real impression.

    Long after the fact we found out our daughter made up stuff to put in her diary. I think she was disappointed when she found out we didn't read it.

  • wasblind

    I burned my biscuits y'all, I really have an addiction to this site

    I need help

    Anyway, My main problem is I'm nosey to start wit' I ain't gonna lie

    It would be against my nature not to snoop

  • wasblind

    You strike me as an even handed mom Josie

    compared to what you had to endure, your children

    couldn't ask for any better

  • TD

    This is not directly applicable to diaries, but as an I.T. person, I'm constantly explaining that, no you can't install spyware/keylogger software on a Windows account used by another adult without their permission. It doesn't matter who owns the computer. It's a felony in 20+ states now.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    my dad read mine but i wrote my thoughts in abstract poetry he had no idea what i was saying. I was pissed that he did but i was suicidal at that time of life....

  • mrsjones5

    Omg, you burned your biscuits? That hurt girl. You ok?

  • Glander

    I grew up with a mother who would sneak into anything, diary, mail rec'vd from my girlfriend, you name it. I knew there was no such thing as privacy under the same roof.

    Most kids, especially teens, have a cigar box or shoe box, whatever, for their little keepsakes, private notes etc. I learned quickly that my mother snooped in everything and a little tin cookie box in the back of my drawer would be checked regularly.

    No, I never read diaries or snoop into personal spaces with my kids. We had a little girl toddler who snooped into her brothers and sisters stuff all the time, looking for chewing gum and life savers. She discovered the note from the 20 year old elders nephew to our 12 yr old daughter and innocently gave it to us. That was serendipity.

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