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  • OneStepOut93

    I'm a newbie. : I foudn this site a LONG time ago and just joined a few years ago because I figured it's time for me to get into the good convos and share my experiences. I am 19, a born-in, active but mentally out. :)

  • OneStepOut93

    But the experiences that led me here are:

    1. I never fit in at the kingdom hall because we were poor and my dad was always on the road making ends meat so he couldn't make it to the meetings so my family was seen as spiritually weak and the girls made fun of me because I was shy and going through my ugly duckling phase and couldn't afford expensive clothes.

    2. I have always had a love for fantasy/magic and such as well as anime and my mother did NOT take that well.

    3. I never found shunning "loving" in anyway and how kind, goodhearted people would die just because they weren't witnesses. Made me so sad inside.

    4. I noticed the only real friends I had were at school because they stood by me no matter what but my "witness friends" friendships were conditional.

    I have a lot more but meh...

  • smiddy

    A good topic Ding , I hope many more Newbies share their experiences. Though I`m not a newbie now , it was realising the WT was not above misqouting sources to deceive the R&F .

    eg: Higher education , and Carl Sagan , doing a search on this site regarding those two topics can be revealing .


  • Lozza Aussie
    Lozza Aussie


    I decided to join the forum after lurking for quite some time. I am fed up with the cult just like so many others on here. This site has been a good thing for me to really see how bad things are in the Borg. I am able to see for myself things in WT studies that really are garbage, whereas before never really noticed things like I do now.


  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Welcome to the forum Lozza Aussie and OneStepOut93 and InChristAlone and label licker.... I can't get over how many new people there are this week.

  • grumblecakes

    guess im still kinda newish...

    for me, honestly, there were many things that always bothered me, but i pushed them out of my mind until finally...

    i started to get spooked by all the creepy things the FDS was saying in prepparation to have a separate watchtower for jw's coupled withthe misery and discontent i felt when my "friends" abandoned me when i went to college after being laid off. i started thinking, "people are already treating me like im df'd, what's holding me back from indulging in some personal freedom? and i did the unthinkable and googled "jehovahs witnesses"...

  • cantleave

    Good to see so many freeing their minds of the Watchtower's poison.

  • lost1

    Was at my wit's end with the ex and googled his name and this site and his name came up! (together with whole load of talks he had given!) One day brother ******* you will be found out, smoking, associating with "worldly" people, drinking, swearing, not forgetting the lying and being unfaithful! What a good little COBE you are! Such an inspiration to your flock! Now where did I put those photos.....

  • flipper

    A big welcome to all the newbies ! Glad to have you here. You will be supported ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • 00DAD

    Newly Enlightened: I was shocked that if they could lie about that, what else have they lied about?

    A lot of things. Seriously, A LOT OF THINGS!

    Prepare for more shocks to come. Better buckle up, you're in for a rough ride!

    Sometimes you have to go through hell to get where your going


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