Any1 in Los Angeles - Hollywood Area?

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  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Yes, rain or shine Wha happened. I know you know Dagney and she will be there along with Designs.

  • mrjdmelendez

    Thank you all for your replies. My sister's vacay with me here in LA was outstanding. I was able to have her join in a session with my therapist and we were able to pull apart all icky yucky stuff inside and it felt GAHREAT! First stop was the tattoo parlor (she got one) in WEHO and she felt comfortable within the Gay community. She admitted that there is child molestation going on in the San Bruno, CA Spanish congregation YEA I SAID IT! She too was molested as a child by my stepfather, an active witness at that time, my mother chose him over her and she ended up in foster care till 18. She took what was going on very personal and that's when it hit her, WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING HERE?! So this Monday she stood her ground and told my mother that she is never going back. Her husband already told the elders that she is being a bad rebellious wife. Let the manipulation begin...! The joy I get is that I get to have my sister back, the only family member who made is out of that mind-controlled-cult. One of her daughters already stopped going, while the other ones still goes. Everyone deserves to make their own choice, what a relief!

    We both came to the realizationtion that we are so powerless over my family's activity in the "organization", and that we'll probably never get to have a relationship with our siblings, including my other. So for now, I think that we'll enjoy what we have & feel very grateful because I am now sober enough to be there for her and show my support while giving her the dignity of making her own choices, without feeling the need to control, impose MY plans for her, judge, nor critizice. Nothing but love!

    Please feel free to find me on Facebook: Jonathan Daniel Melendez or [email protected]

  • clarity

    Lovely to have you on JWN Mrjd.

    You sound like you have it together...congratulations!


    I hope you stay here for awhile as you will be of great

    help & encouragement for others running into this site!

    Thanks for sharing you story.


  • mrjdmelendez

    Thank you clarity!

  • mrjdmelendez


    I'd like together with some ex-witness in LA! I tried going to one in Downey but they're still stuck in Christianity which I no longer hold true. Remaining a Christian for ME, would mean that my religion is superior than the Jewish one, or the Muslim one, I let that go when I let the witnesses go. Religion is something I do not want in my life, although I am spiritually in tune. ANYONE would like to have an informal sit-down in LA on a weekendl, that would be awesome. I used to belong to one in San Francisco but haven't found one in LA as of yet.

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