WTBTS and the Red Cross?

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  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Audits often reveal expenditures for luxury items and the financing of an opulent life-style.

    WTBT$ must clearly include a Zamboni as a necessity and not a luxury item, or is it a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    I know that I'm getting 'off' topic but my friend wanted to add something to my comments above that I forgot to add:

    The other thing I thought was adding insult to injury was that in the "Hub"- the warehouse where materials were stored, meals served, work groups organized, etc.- they had donation boxes in obvious places! Really? These brothers all paid their own way to get there, took time off of work, paid their own expenses while they were there, etc., and the WT has the audacity to expect them to donate even more!! How much is enough? You know that the "guilt factor" would come into play- hell, even I donated cash when I saw the boxes, felt that, even though I was already doing what I could, if I didn't give more I was being 'selfish'. Oh, and six months of lost work in addition to no insurance/paying my own medical expenses due to the fungal infection I got as a direct result of volunteering my time- I paid for that too.

  • AnnOMaly

    Check out the story about one elder, Rud Persson, back in the 1980s who got into hot water because of his Red Cross membership.

    "In Search of Christian Freedom" by Ray Franz, p. 375 ff.

    I have never heard of the WTS or the CCoJWs or local congregations EVER donating to the Red Cross. The WTS/CCoJWs/congregations ARE the charity and would not, as WTS-sponsored entities, donate to another 'worldly' charity.

  • Honeybucket

    From my experience this is NOT true.

    When I was a senior in high school back in 2001, I headed up a fundraiser in my high school for 9/11 relief funds. I raised a couple thousand dollars in 3 days. I then took the money to the red cross to donate. We had a piece in the paper for our good deeds. Well the next meeting I get called into a elders meeting because I A. was running a seperate fundraiser from the WTBS B. donating to the red cross which has a cross in its name therefore its part of babylon the great and c. The red cross promotes blood transfusions and thats where all the donated money was going to, people geting blood transfusions.

    In hindsight that should have been a warning sign. I was 17, didn't know any better. What pisses me off is that these elders acted as if it was my money. It was money donated by high school kids and teachers. Yes I thought of it, organized it, and collected, but I was in the business department class and did fbla, this is what I am good at, organzing and running the show. i felt so bad about 9/11 that I thought this is the least I could do to help those in New York, PA, and DC. I wasn't aware at that time that the JW's expect their "followers" to only help their own by donating to the society. If there were witnesses affected by the tragedy, what are the odds they actually recieved monetary support from our donations? probally zero

  • jgnat

    Welcome. I am a never-JW married to my Witness, too.

  • The Song Remains The Same
    The Song Remains The Same

    Wow, thanks for all the responses!

    I'm of the same view as everyone else, i.e. it would be; against blood practices, and against WT articles/doctrine, and why would they give money outside anyway (when they might need it based on other views here about being short of cash, etc)?

    I'm going to get the question asked again, but more directly, and looking for a qualified yes/no...


  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    If I was in a position to question the person who misled me about the Red Cross and and Amnesty International receiving contributions I flipping well would.

  • blondie

    The American Red Cross would like to recognize the support of these ADGP members, companies, foundations, associations and celebrities that have made donations of $1 million or more in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. (In alphabetical order as of November 6).

    3M; Ahold USA; Altria Group; Aon; Bank of America; BMW; BNY Mellon; Boeing Charitable Trust; Briggs & Stratton Corporation; Caterpillar Inc.; Chevrolet and the GM Foundation; Chrysler; Church & Dwight; Cisco Foundation; Citi Foundation; Coach, Inc.; Community Safety Foundation funded by AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah Insurance Exchange; ConAgra Foods Foundation; Costco Wholesale Corporation; Darden Restaurants, Inc.; Dell Inc.; Disney; Dr Pepper Snapple Group; Edison International; Enterprise Holdings Foundation; Exxon Mobil Corporation; FedEx Corporation; GE Foundation; Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation ; The Home Depot Foundation; jcpenney; John Deere Foundation; Johnson Controls; J.P. Morgan Chase; Kimberly-Clark Corporation; Kohl’s Department Stores; Lady Gaga; Lowe's Companies, Inc.; Mercedes-Benz USA; Merck Co. Foundation; Mondelez International; Morgan Stanley; The National Football League and the NFL Players Association; Nationwide Insurance Foundation; Northrop Grumman; Optum; PepsiCo and the PepsiCo Foundation; Samuel I. Newhouse Foundation; Samsung; Southwest Airlines; Sprint; State Farm; State Street; Target; Texas Instruments; The TJX Companies, Inc.; UnitedHealthcare; University of Phoenix; UPS; Verizon Foundation; Viacom; Walmart; The Weather Channel; WellPoint Foundation; and Wells Fargo. (WATCHTOWER MISSING)


  • jgnat

    Sharp find there, Blondie.

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    I would ask your wife to obtain from the elder proof that they donate to the Red Cross. Shift the burden to him.

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