Do you have friends/family still in the organization waiting for a big "cleansing" to occur?

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  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    There comes a breaking point for some when all the things you are waiting for Jah to sort out accumulate in your head and eventually start to outweigh any reasons for staying in or joining in the first place.

    That first sneaky peak on the internet to see if any-one else feels the same opens the floodgates. First emotion I felt was "I am not alone in thinking all is not well in JW land and others think the same as me."

    It was scary as I am not sure I was looking for affirmation they were wrong or a cult, just that they may not be 100% right.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    To repeat an illustration I've used before -

    Some first century (and prior) Jews were faithful to the Scriptures, not to the false and hypocritical teachings of the religious leaders. However, they exercised faith that the Messiah would resolve all the corruption imposed by such men.

    Like today, I'm certain that many Jews never expressed their disgust at what was being substituted for Scriptural truth, for fear of the dire consequences.

    Christians everywhere are in a similar condition, (not just J.Ws) but Christ has promised that he will settle accounts with everyone claiming to be part of his household. (Matt.7:15-27; Rev. ch. 2 & 3)

    Some people are forced to choose a certain direction because they struggle to ignore certain corruptions and have to speak out. Others can remain relatively silent, waiting patiently, but also 'sighing and groaning over the detestable things being done in their midst'.

    I include myself in that group - discussing truths with only 5 or 6 others who are like-minded.

    I no longer study publications, I study the Scriptures. I make very limited contributions to my Kingdom Hall Contributions - to help support the running costs.

    There must be many faithful slaves of Christ throughout the world who also believe/d some of the "offspring of viper's teachings" in their community, just as most here have done.

  • cobaltcupcake

    I probably would have clung to that "wait on Jehovah" attitude and stuck it out but then I found out about the pedophilia. That was it for me.

    My ex-husband agreed with all of my grievances and acknowledged that the pedophilia was inexcusable, but he was certain that there would be a cleansing. Still is, apparently.

  • wasblind

    When I explain my feelings and beliefs, and discuss a number of the scandals surrouding the WT, they agree with me 100% - even expressing some things I didn't expect them to say as far as doctrine and teachings. In other words, they can see the obvious problems and want them to change

    All of them little trust in the leadership,

    However, they all have mentioned that they stay in and are "waiting on Jehovah" to cleanse the organization. My position with them is that I will wait for the cleansing to take place before I ever decide to consider returning. (I dont think I have too much to worry about!!)

    Have you experienced this with friends and family? They see the issues, are troubled by many of the problems, but still think God is using the WT. Therefore, they believe a time is coming when the "wheat and weeds" wil be separated and the organization will be cleaned......

    I am thinking about a way to approach this subject reasonably.......these are really kind people who love God, but can't separate him from the WT at this point, unfortunately.__________Pyramidscheme

    I would bring up a real situation and ask them would it have been wise to wait on the Kingdom

    when there was somethin' within their power ( through Caesar allowed by God ) that could have been done

    Case in Point : The emancipation of slaves , the Allied forces stoppin' Hitler, or a child bein' molested

    ask them anything that would sound ridiculous in the same sentence as " Waiting on Jehovah "

    Ask them, do they honestly think Jehovah would mind if someone made the life of his loved ones easier

    until the Kingdom finally arrives. How many times have the WTS used Caesars laws in court

    while waitin' on Jah ?

    Ask 'em


  • DesirousOfChange

    However, they all have mentioned that they stay in and are "waiting on Jehovah" to cleanse the organization.

    Yep! That's the position many are in. Their thinking is (and they will tell you so) "Where else would we go?".

    They are NOT referencing the conversation with Jesus. They mean: "Where would we replace all of our social contacts?"

    Many remain for the friends and fellowship even though they have concluded that the religion is a sham. That's why you see them building new homes, traveling the world to exotic places, having children, building retirement plans, etc. They have reasoned that The End (TM) is NOT imminent. But do they want to cut the cord and move on to something else (that they are convinced would be no better)? No. So it's status quo. Play the game. 1/2 hour D2D on Saturday morning, long coffee break at Starbucks, make a RV or two that are not-at-home, stick mags in door. Call it day early and everyone go out to lunch.

    They don't leave until they are hurt personally by someone or something.


  • yourmomma

    thats how i was, and then finally a broke down like many others and looked on the internet to see if there was anyone else who felt the same. yadda yadda yadda, and its been 4 years since i been to a meeting and will not go back for any reason.

  • Londo111

    Some get stuck in this phase. They believe, “The religion (beliefs) are mostly true, but the leadership has been corrupted or taken over by the evil slave.” My friend Stirling was in this mode for a while and he frequented the site “Make Sure of All Things”. When you think of it, I can sort of see where these people are coming from: many JWs are sincere people who are trying to do the right thing.

    Some JWs need this halfway house of thinking. It’s too much to realize that it’s not just the hierarchy, but the entire structure that’s faulty. It’s a stepping stone. Some never progress from it.

    I never had this phase. In a JW mindset still, I believed that a religion was either true or false…there was no middle ground. When examining the foundational teachings, like 607, it was apparent that not only was it false, but the Society was being deceitful, and eventually I came to a realization that it was a cult.

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    DOC how can they feel good after spending time sitting in a cafe shop doing nothing but gossiping out "who has money and who is unemployed"? For those who believe in God, how can their form of worship be any different from someone pulling a seven foot cross down the road on wagon? He waves at all the cars and everyone is getting a "witness" from his Cross, no different from the cafe shop witnessing. I think the "Cross Walker" get's more people to think about Jesus than the cafe seat-hogging JWs who bring their own tea-bags and ask for a free cup of hot water.

  • free2beme

    Witnesses in one way or another will existed beyond your years, accept them and move on. Never a shortage of freaks in the world.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I haven't heard directly that there will be a purge, but the thought is certainly there. I know wifey seems to be clinging to some sort of hope. What hope? Hell if I know

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