Penton's Apocalypse Delayed

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  • Phizzy

    I have posted exactly the same view as you say Dr. Penton holds about the Israeli/Palestinian problem with no problem on here.

    This sounds like an Ad Hominem atack on Penton to try to get JW's not to read his book, makes you wonder why JW Apologists have to use dirty , under-handed, dishonest methods, don't they have the "truth" ?

  • designs

    Penton's book should be read regardless of any political view. I learned through Penton that Rutherford had been raised a Baptist instead of a Presbyterian like Russell and Franz. He has valuable information on the critical period of the 1920s when the Bible Students were splitting up into their various groups.

  • james_woods

    Penton cleary stated that both U.S. political parties (democrat & republican) were being controlled by jewish interests.

    Which is so ridiculous as to not even be worthy of further comment.

  • slimboyfat

    Do you deny that the pro-Israel lobby is very important in American politics? Who has ever been elected president of the United States without first declaring their support for Israel and its policies? It's a ritual every candidate must undergo if they have any hope of getting the job.

  • Paralipomenon

    This was the first "apostate" book I had read. I saw a copy of it at a bookstore once and the title stuck with me.

    It was absolutely perfect.

    I ordered it online and had it delivered to my work. That book was the nail in the coffin for my support of the Watchtower. He did a very good job of explaining the facts, not putting any spin on them, positive or negative.

    It is the book that I suggest to people trying to understand the Watchtower without every having been a member.

  • talesin

    It is the first book I could find about JWs when I started to research back in the mid-90s. A good read, for sure. It's not the only book Dr. Penton has written, and he is highly recognized in the academic community.

    and SBF is correct,

    That is complete nonsense. He criticised Israeli atrocities in Palestine and the influence of the Israeli lobby over American policy. Is that not allowed?

    If it was, in fact, Dr. Penton, that is EXACTLY what he did. I clearly remember the thread, and you, J_W, attacked him vociferously - how dare a mere Canadian state a negative view of American foreign policy? *sheesh!* Anyone who doesn't think the Israelis are supported by the USA needs to do a bit of research.

    And I agree with TD as well ... he is a very nice man and is to be found on facebook.



  • slimboyfat

    Back to the topic of the thread, here are my thoughts on Apocalypse Delayed from a few years ago.

  • slimboyfat
  • jookbeard

    with SBF, Penton is one of the very last people I'd accuse of having an anti Zionist stance

  • james_woods

    He said what he said, jookbeard. He plainly said that the jewish lobby was controlling both American political parties.

    I quite frankly think that is nuts - but it may or may not affect his writings on the subject of the Witnesses.

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