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  • Jeffro

    Every now and then I check statistics for my 607-related articles. Recently, someone has searched for "vat 4956 watchtower", so I went to Google to see where my site comes up in the page ranking.

    The first entry in the search results is a reference to the Watchtower Online Library, with a reference to their 2011 attempt at defending their doctrine.

    And immediately below it is a link to my rebuttal of the same article.

    Some other actual Google searches people have made to get to my site where my pages are in the first page of Google's results:

    • the watchtower 2011 nov 607
    • the watchtower 2011 to 2012
    • watchtower society 2012
    • watchtower timeline
    • let your kingdom come 1981 jehovahs witnesss pdf
    • 607 bce is correct
    • 607 b.c.e watchtower
    • to 607
    • nebuchadnezzar's 624 bce until 621 bce?
    • jehovah's witnesses and 607
    • witnesses and 1914
    • fall of jerusalem jehovah witness
    • jehovah witness fall of babylon
    • jehovah's witnesses lie about the fall of jerusalem
    • list of secular scholars the watchtower have misquoted
    • misquoted ronald sack jerusalem
    • misquotes from the watchtower about the destruction of jerusalem
    • misquotes in the watchtower october 2011
    • contact john m steele on 607bce
    • ezekiel 40:1 contradicts 607 and the fall of jerusalem
    • 2 chronicles 36:21,22 jehovah witnesses
    • ezekiel 33:21-24 jerusalem`s destruction in 607
    • bm21946 tab
    • watchtower and vat 4956
    • the 70 years represents the period of babylonia‚Äôs greatest domination
    • a 1000 years to reach perfection

    Now, I don't really care about my page rankings in itself. But it means two important things:

    1. Enough people are searching on Google for information about the JW's 607 doctrine to improve the page ranking.
    2. Because of the improved page rankings, other people who search for information about JWs are hitting my pages (and comes up a lot too, which is great).

    So a big thank you to all the people I'll never meet who are helping other people to learn some of 'the truth about the truth'.

  • unstopableravens

    dont forget to pray to lars and thank him!

  • Jeffro


    dont forget to pray to lars and thank him!

    I haven't noticed him on the forum much lately. This may just mean I've learned to simply ignore his posts, but I'm hoping it means he is receiving the psychiatric care he so desperately needs.

  • unstopableravens

    he posted something not to long ago about 1992, he post and aunt connie seem to be the most entertaining !

  • Londo111

    He posted on the thread about the 1260 days... In fact, I notice that if you search on this forum on the 1260, 1290, or 1335 days, most of the occurances are his threads or that of his previous incarnation.

    BTW...awesome news, Jeffro! People are digging and looking for truth.

  • WatchtowerFree

    Isn't the internet great .

  • gone for good
    gone for good

    Jeffro - well done to you, and yes the internet is ggggggreat.

  • talesin
  • Honeybucket

    I need 15 cents

  • Phizzy

    It won't hurt if we all search for your page regularly, not using alink but a search, will it Jeffro ?

    Lets keep it up the rankings folks !

    1914 is the WT's Achilles heel, lets shoot those arrows in to it !

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