Why Are District Conventions Becoming Shorter?

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  • Phizzy

    If the Friday attendance drops to really low figures the WT will have to go down to 2 days, something they should have done long ago, if they actually cared about the poor R&F trying to make aliving and trying to get their kids some sort of education, these bloody Borefests always seem to be in Term time.

    They will dress it up as a "Loving Provision" but really it will be for profit reasons, if 2 days nets them more $$$ than 3 then 2 it will be.

    Maybe next year, we are not saying............but maybe. (After Fred Franz).

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    So conventions still 3 days but now are held at the assembly halls?


    I thought you meant the actual length of the programs. I was noticing how horrible the Symposiums are. They were touted as a loving provision, fast moving and exciting. In reality they are 20 minutes of changing subjects, emotional rhetoric, propaganda, and not enough coherent reasoning to ever come to a logical conclusion about anything. They are a mental tea-cup ride. When it's over you wonder what happened and why you stood in line for an hour. They are just incoherent enough, and fast moving enough, that you cannot process what happened in one segment before the next begins. Total mind-frack...

  • Phizzy

    Yea but, dear Doggie, that is when they slip a lot of mind control propaganda in. It sinks in to the sub-conscious of the average Dub with ease.


    Oh yes, I am well aware of that! It is a weird place to be. Looking around and seeing the matrix. You feel like you are taking crazy pills..

  • magotan

    They're still three days, but I've noticed that the Circuit Assemblies (the last one, to be precise) was exceptionally succinct. The whole program is shorter by about 30-40 mins.

  • Rattigan350

    Yes, the conventions are getting shorter.

    The longest talks are 30 minutes. The public talk is 30 minutes and final talk too.

    The symposium parts are 10 minutes or less. But now they have 8 parts in a symposium.

    Everything is scripted, the demonstrations and manuscript talks.


    What really shows the modern cookie cutter/corporate business mentality, is to download a talk from another area of the country. It's the same crap!! For the full nauseating effect I suggest last years Symposium about " Our Spiritual Mother " , and the talk about the new brochure.

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