The Key To Watchtower Defeat

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  • metatron

    I don't see that they have any where to go with this. The Organization is built around 'preaching' and nothing else.

    The Service Meeting, in particular, is a problem if they wish to deny that ordinary Witnesses represent them.

    OK, I'll try to imagine a compromise that prevents radical change: they invent some sort of 'autonomous' structure that gets them away from the liability of a hierarchy.

    But in order for that to be effective, how do they get around having C.O.'s barking orders and acting as the organizational KGB?

    and how does that change the financial picture for the 'preaching' work? How does it stem the losses? What are the publishers good for? ( not much)

    Lemme try another response: they deliberately reduce the organization, in effect, downsizing the publishers.

    That's risky but they would have some precedent for doing it. The GB could feel self righteous about it and hark back to Rutherford's day. They could imagine a smaller but more genuinely fanatical ( as opposed to fake and weak) organization.

    They could reason that the malaise in the organization is infecting all of it and they must salvage what they can. Jesus says 'prune' it.

    Ultimately, such a move still fails to halt the liability issue and is unlikely to improve growth but it could appear attractive to them, superficially.

    That's it guys, I keep running into the same problem in regard to their survival. Publishers are the problem, if holding on to $ is the priority

    ... and when has it been otherwise?


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