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    Biometric Trigger Lock Gun Safety At Home!

    The biometric trigger lock is one excellent option for gun owners worried about gun safety. Gun safety is an important topic and is even more essential in homes that contain children.

    While consumers can purchase gun safes and gun cases, gun trigger locks offer another layer of security that can help prevent accidents and theft.

    Why Use Gun Trigger Locks?

    Why should you consider using a trigger lock on your gun? Here are several top reasons to consider purchasing and using a good biometric gun lock.

    - Reason #1Protect Children – Many accidents with guns occur around the country each year and quite a few of those accidents include children. Although you may think you have hidden the gun well, children still may be able to find it. If your child should find the gun, you don’t want them to be able to fire it. A good biometric trigger lock can keep them from pulling the trigger and causing a serious accident.

    - Reason #2Another Layer of Protection Against Theft – Thieves often steal guns and any gun owner needs to take measures to avoid gun theft. Storing the gun in a safe can definitely help, but using a good fingerprint trigger lock can add one more layer of protection against theft.

    How Biometric Gun Locks Work

    Trigger locks work by preventing the trigger of the gun from moving, which keeps the gun from being fired. While many traditional styles use keys or combination locks, biometric options are a bit different. Instead of a key or combination, the biometric trigger lock requires you to provide your biometric data before the lock can be opened.

    In most cases, biometric gun locks come in the form of a fingerprint trigger lock. This means that the lock requires your fingerprint to open. The lock includes a small scanner, which is used to scan your fingerprint, putting it into the memory of the lock.

    Once that biometric information is stored, you will need to apply your finger to the scanner so it can read your fingerprint and authenticate it before allowing the lock to open.

    3 Benefits of the Biometric Trigger Lock

    The biometric gun lock comes with many benefits over other types of gun trigger locks. If you’re trying to decide whether a biometric lock is the right choice for your needs, take a look at a few of the benefits offered by this option.

    - Benefit #1 – Difficult to Bypass – Many trigger locks available today can easily be bypassed. Some can be opened by inserting a small piece of paper. Others can easily be smashed apart or picked with an ice pick or other slim device. The benefit of a biometric trigger lock is that it is more difficult to bypass. To open the lock, the appropriate biometric information must be used, making it harder to bypass this lock.

    - Benefit #2 – Fast and Easy to Use – Another benefit of the fingerprint gun lock is that it is fast and easy to use. Simply apply your fingerprint and the lock will open. A gun lock that opens quickly and easily is important, especially in an emergency situation where you need to access your gun quickly.

    - Benefit #3 – No Keys or Combinations to Remember – Last, there are no keys or combinations to remember, which is a huge benefit of these biometric locks. When you need to unlock the trigger lock, you don’t have to fumble around looking for the key, which may have been lost. There is no need to remember a combination under pressure. Simply use your fingerprint and the lock is immediately opened.


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    News reports today brought the sad news that a young person of 6 was shot by a 13 year old. Since the shootings at Newtown over 3800 persons have been killed by gun fire in the US.

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    Guns don't kill people - people kill people. Lock the kid up...along with the 5 year old and the 8 year old who all shot people this week because it is all their fault because a gun doesn't kill anyone. sw

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    And yet you still won't even attempt to answer a simple question. I believe that shows how much you really care.

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