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  • Mary

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Authorities in New Mexico have arrested a 15 year old boy who shot and killed his parents and siblings. I heard on the news this morning that the little bastard admitted that he had also planned on going to an open place (like a mall or school perhaps?) and opening up fire on everyone there too. Fortunately he was arrested before he could do any more damage.

    You know there's a problem when this barely makes the headlines:

  • Quarterback

    That's horrible.

  • james_woods

    Where did he get the gun(s)?

  • tec

    Are they his parents and siblings. One of the links said that they were trying to determine if he was related.

    Not that it matters.

    Sad, all the way around.

  • sir82

    Clearly, the solution is to arm all parents with guns.

    "Only good parents with guns can stop bad kids with guns", amiright?

  • james_woods

    I was thinking of the parents keeping their guns locked up, Sir82...note that this simple act would have prevented Sandy Hook as well.

  • wasblind

    It's terrible and that's a fact

    This is why we are in the mist of a fight that concern gun control

    what I fail to understand is, why folks think guns fit for a war zone

    left on the street is the answer.

    We cannot keep every gun out of the hands of a crazy person

    but a change in the law can help decrease the weapons

    that can cause mass destruction in the wink of an eye


  • Phizzy

    That is just plain awful. I have two shotguns in my house for hunting, they are always locked in a gun cabinet which is bolted to the wall in a hidden location. The ammo is elsewhere in the house, also well hidden.

    We are expected to take that kind of care with our guns so that they do not fall in to the wrong hands, we do not have guns lying around , or easily found in a drawer or something.

    The whole culture there needs changing if you are all going to be safe, freedom of the sort where you are likely to be shot at any time is a piss poor kind of freedom in my book.

  • soontobe

    We have sex education in schools because we worry about kids and sex, so why not have gun education? It used to be that a lot of high schools had rifle clubs and we didn't see the school shootings back then we now see.

  • mouthy

    Oh such terrible news!!! It is so difficult to listen to the news these days.

    Folks say it sounds worse because we have computors, cell phones, etc. so we hear it!

    But sorry it was NEVER this bad when I was younger. Yes we had countries destoying
    others, like Germany,Hitlers regime,etc! but folks killing their parents, brothers, sisters, etc
    never heard of stuff like that. & YES! we had newspapers to inform us...
    & nearly EVERY one could afford a newspaper. We all followed the Ruth Ellis hangings
    What places were bombed, how many died. But family troubles like this NEVER!!!
    I truly DO believe the Devil is on a rampage,& seems to be having his way .....

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