Brilliant Robin Williams Quote

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  • Satanus

    What does it say about people, w whom you feel alone? I'm wondering, cuz i knew somebody w whom i felt alone.


  • Satanus


  • irondork

    I'm glad you bumped this thread, Satanus. I missed it the first time through. And thanks for posting it, Amelia.

    This quote is spot on! Gay folks don't really fit in to the Kingdom Hall environment. One elder stated proudly, "Homosexuals don't last long in Jehovah's organization."

    However, this isolating environment doesn't stop with gays.

  • paulnotsaul

    That quote can apply to so many situations and circumstances. peaceall paulnotsaul

  • designs

    Our lives Part I Life Part II is going much better.

  • Fernando

    Another reason why JWN, although not perfect, is a great place to heal and grow.

    Despite different viewpoints we share a lot in common.

  • kurtbethel

    I wonder if this is another aspect of Dubnesia, which is the apparent fog many people are in while engaged in JW activities.


    I have been alone all weekend. It's pretty nice. I skipped Thursday night meeting, Saturday service, and Sunday meeting. I feel great. My wife asked me " How come when I talk about anything spiritual (tm), you shut down?" Maybe because I am tired of being around people who make me feel alone. People who I cannot even have an honest, secret free conversation with. I have been going to the KH to keep the peace, and to try and fade. Since I was alone, why go? I get zero spiritually. I sent my wife a text to check on her, and realized that she would know that I skipped the meeting. Did she notice? She texted back " So I guess you couldn't get to the meeting then :/ "

    Texting: Making even long distance guilt trips possible.. I just ignored it, but I was so pissed. What would 00DAD say.. oh yeah, Let's review, It's a cult!!

  • skeeter1

    RIP Robin Williams.

  • cultBgone

    What a horrible pain to share. Skeeter...amen.

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