Is There A Part Of You Still Left In The Organization?

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  • Pterist

    I'm sure we all have memories of great fellowship with brothers and sisters. In Ireland it was a pleasure to be part of a group that could stand up to the RCC and all their political influences that dominated the country for years. On reflection it seemed more of a spiritual revolution as tough guys and criminals, with bible in hand used Wathtower teachings to expose hypocrisy in high places.

    The apostle Paul described the Jewish "LAW" as a PEDAGOGY Galatian 3:23-29, until Christ was revealed to them.

    I consider my whole life as a learning lesson, my wilfull sinful life included, and the org. that made its mark, leading to the goal of all mankind to be a New Creation in Christ.


  • gone for good
    gone for good

    Anyone who has kids or grandkids still in has a BIG and painfull part still in .

  • notjustyet

    More than likely there is some small parts of me that is still in the congregation. But I don't care anymore, I must move forward with my life!!!

    As you know "fingernail" clippings can be hard to get out of that cheap carpet sometimes.


  • d

    I agree I am been out since 2008 and I still struggle with Jw conditioning. I also have to fight the tendency to see bad news as a sign of the times. By studying history and science I see that things in fact have gotten much better.I also try to be more critical of politcal and religous groups.

  • Reality79

    Anyone who has been in the org for decades or several years and claims to be completely over it is lying.

    The belief system becomes a part of your DNA. Leaving the org isn't like leaving a long term career. Remember, they're a very high control group and their teachings really get in your psyche. They're not like a more a liberal organisation that at least allows you to have friends outside, they're hardliners who go to the extreme and use emotional and mental blackmailing tactics to keep you in. You never get over it completely when you grew up in it, had family and 'friends' in it and lived your whole entire life based on it. Leaving can be very traumatic....not just because of the teachings, but due to the fact that you lose everybody and everything you even knew.

    They're a very wicked organisation and know damn well what they're doing. They make sure that if you dare to leave, you pay the price. Even when you're out, you still sometimes get plagued by "what if" thoughts, although with some people it obviously varies.

  • d

    For those on this forum.Leaving and recovering takes one day at a time.

  • cobaltcupcake

    The fact that we're all here talking about it shows that the effects linger. You would not be the person you are today without your Watchtower experiences.

    As for me, I left my mother and brother behind. My heart aches every day because of that.

  • d

    Yes a little of the jw's does still linger but I shed most of my Jw past.

  • d

    bump fot those who want to add more comments.

  • return of parakeet
    return of parakeet

    My elderly mother and my older brother are still dubs.

    After nearly 50 years as a dub, my mother is now a bitter, judgmental, extremely unhappy woman whose favorite activity is heaping vitriolic condemnation on her children.

    My brother's life is in shambles. His dub wife is a mental case who literally covers her windows with aluminum foil to keep the demons out. His dub business partner of many years bailed when the business started to fail. My brother is now in his mid-sixties and must do menial work to stay alive and nurse his psycho wife.

    They are what keeps a little part of me connected to the dubs, and what the WTS has done to them keeps that connection one of profound sadness and anger.

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