ravens! super bowl

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  • undercover

    with the bro vs. bro storyline, ESPN will be unwatchable during the next two weeks. Wait, I take that back. ESPN is always unwatchable.

    I rarely watch any sports channel, unless they're actually showing, oh, I dunno - SPORTS! I know! What a concept! I love watching the game, but I never watch crap before the game or during the week. Same with other sports. I hate tuning into a NASCAR race that was advertised for 2pm but they're not gonna drop the flag for another hour. So they spend an hour following drivers around the pit asking them stupid questions. And I have to mute the first lap when Darryl Waltrip is covering the race. If you know NASCAR, you know why...

    Somewhere along the line sports became about the event, not the game/race/match itself. NASCAR is the leader in that concept. Forget the race. Who's playing in the pre-race concert? Who will be the Grand Marshall? How many and what kind of military planes will do the fly over? What stars are in the crowd? I don't care. Just drop the rag and go racin.

    The NFL seems to be copying that as well. Pre-game hype and concerts. "special" nights of games... "Welcome to the Thursday edition of Sunday Night Football" Wait, what? Why not just call it Thursday Night Football? And why do you need a five minute intro recorded song with Faith Hill? It's the NFL, not the Grammies or the CMAs.

    And the Super Bowl.... the most overhyped sporting event in the world. And the game rarely lives up to the hype. They usually aren't as good as the conference finals. The pre-game starts over 4 hours before kick off. Hell, the game only lasts 3 hours. What is the point in all that? And who actually sits down and watches 7plus straight hours of that? You need a lobotomy... wait, that is a lobotomy.

  • QueenWitch

    Ravens!!!!!!!!!! Har-Bowl!!!!

    @Undercover, I know what you mean. After the game, my son wanted us to watch the post game show. I'm like, I'm good. I will be only tuning into the Super Bowl game itself. No pregame, no post game, and will take my bathroom break / snack break during half time.

    Yeah, I think Lewis' emotional act was a little over the top. But I'm a Ravens fan, win or lose. And for those that are saying he's a murderer, etc., I don't know, I wasn't there so I can't say either way. Neither can you.

  • flipper

    UNTOPPABLERAVENS - Congrats on the Ravens representing the AFC in the Super Bowl. Sorry to rain on your parade but you'll have to change your avatar name to : STOPIT49ERS ! once my niners get done with your Ravens. All I got. Now I'll dodge the slings and arrows

  • unstopableravens

    flipper: congrats back at ya, i have nothing but repsect for the 49ers, so i can talk any thrash bout them,it will be a great game! i love willis fast for a mlb

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