How do these Hard Core JW's Function?

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  • Theocratic Sedition
    Theocratic Sedition

    Cuz they're wicked.

  • transhuman68

    I guess it's a form of escapism. The worse a person's life gets, the more they retreat into a fantasy world where one day... everything will be put right. It's a failure to adequately deal with reality that you might expect to find in people raised in dysfunctional households- which I am starting to think includes all Witnesses who 'do more' for the WTS Borg.

  • return of parakeet
    return of parakeet

    They function with visions of promised glory dancing before them.

  • williamhconley

    What's sad is that eventually that family will face the reality that what matters in the JW organization is not doing the right thing or upholding truth but the authority of the GB. We all need something to believe in and JW's fill that need as long that you follow them blindly without question.

    A prime example was Olin Moyle who sold his house in Wisconsin and moved with his family to Bethel to serve as Legal Counsel. It only took him a couple of years to see that the WT is all about following men instead of God & Christ. He dared to speak up against abuses by the President and he was literraly thrown out to the street. He had sacrificed a comfortable lifestyle in WI and was brutally awakened to reality.

    Ray Franz in COC said that eventually fantasy will meet reality.

    W.H. Conley

  • Satanus

    Those are all valid points. But, the die hard, 100% jw, i look at that kind from the other view. I believe that there are the majority of people who are middle of the road, they go along and get along w the world the way it is. Then, there are the outliers. People to whom the wt mythos naturally appeals are one group of outliers. Their needs are satisfied by the wt micromanagement and resulting predictability/order. Their natures match the wt org. They are happy as clams in mud.


  • Sulla

    I was always so terrible at studying for the Wt or book study. I could never figure out exactly what we were supposed to be learning -- "This is all shit we already know, right?" Once you have 50 scriptures memorized you figure out every article is just a collection of the same thing. There was never any point to doing any extra study -- like the folks in this story did -- because all the cross-references were back to the same set of 50 proof texts.

    Here's one example of what I mean. JWs can go their whole freakin' lives and never have come across the fact that the gospel of John disagrees with the synoptics on the day of the Last Supper. How in hell do you manage to spend 20 years studying the bible and miss this huge difference? I think everybody knows the answer, but it is still amazing.

  • WTWizard

    I know of one family that was trying to find the center of the religion. When I was going in, they had a small house, 2 children, and a reasonable lifestyle for being in this foul organization. The basement was home to a workout station, guitar, foosball table, and ping pong table. They had a TV with a VCR upstairs. The children had a reasonable amount of toys to play with during this period. And they had funds to entertain with.

    Then, sometime around 1995 or 1996, the father came up with this stupid idea. Actually, this had been going on through the 1990s. First, the children were pulled out of school to be home-schooled starting in the 1991-92 year. That cut them off from outside influences. And, since they had to go by stock textbooks anyways, it was no better than the system the Rockefellers have in place aside the lack of distractions from class. They never got to take class trips aside the a$$embly hell, and they missed out on what makes high school so special.

    But, in the mid 1990s, the father makes the ultimate stupid decision. He makes a goal that everyone in the family is going to be regular pious-sneers. At the time, he was a hounder. The mother was born in from a mother that was also born in, and the father was recruited. He cut back drastically on his secular work, and they entered the year 2000 with everyone regular pious-sneering. They all had part time jobs. Much of the entertainment budget is gone. I am sure things are worn out by now that were in fine condition back in the late 1980s, and he has little to no time to play guitar or work out. He became the lead hounder, plus a regular pious-sneer.

    Here's the catch. The children, by now straddling 30, are still living at home and single. They are stuck in a dull environment with no cable TV, no computer or Internet, and no way they could find out anything except what the washtowel teaches them. If the organization were to conk out tomorrow, those grown children would be up sxxx creek without a paddle, in a barbed wire canoe. Their whole lives revolve around field circus, pious-sneering, and attending boasting sessions. Their income is sapped because of pious-sneering, plus they donate substantially to the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund. (Even worse than what I put into silver, batteries, flashlights, and Christmas decorations put together.) And, with this ObamaCare coming, they are not going to be able to improve their situation. Once they are required to purchase Rockefeller sick care insurance, they are going to have major problems. The parents are getting near retirement, and they pxxxed away their retirement prospects by cutting way back on secular work to pious-sneer. I predict that the children are going to be taking care of their aged parents in another 15 or 20 years, which will create a burden for them with pious-sneering. Still single, they themselves will lose a lot of money when their parents die. Ultimately, no one will take care of them and I am predicting both of them to die of stress-related illness by the time they reach 65.

    Such is the cost of being so devout. By comparison, I refuse to give up everything in such an unbalanced way. Yes, I believe the dollar will soon be toilet paper--and the longer it takes for that to happen, the worse it will be. I have a stash of silver. I believe we are in for a whopper of an energy crisis, particularly the minute we attack Iran or help Isra-hell replenish their missiles. And I believe rolling blackouts will be a fact of life then. I stashed rechargeable batteries and quality chargers for that event. (And lanterns and flashlights). I have a Fenix HP-20 headlamp in case that happens while I am at work and we have to work anyways. But, I am not going to live a sterile existence waiting for that to happen. I believe that, once you reach a certain point, you reach the point of diminishing returns. I prefer stashing these things up to, but not beyond, that point. That way, I can still enjoy my Christmas lights, Pokemon, music, computer, and a reasonably normal life.

    Too bad those witlesses don't realize they are way past the point of diminishing returns. How much is required to survive? If joke-hova really demands that people go to the max, is it really worth it? I don't believe hounders are getting anything better, nor will pious-sneers. What extra does a special pious-sneer who is a lead hounder, who gave up everything for the cancer, get that the average publisher not get? Nothing. Hence, they are wasting time and money--and that assumes even that Armageddon is coming and that it is worth surviving (which is a big stretch).

    Hey, at least my silver will provide me retirement security that zero interest bank accounts can't. My flashlights and batteries will provide me emergency light in case of a windstorm or ice storm. Can they say that about pious-sneering?

  • Eustace

    The children, by now straddling 30, are still living at home and single.


    How many newly baptized ones have the children brought in through their pioneering?

    What I'll never get is this: Why does the Watchtower encourage pioneering over having children when most of the people who get baptized are born-ins??

  • moshe

    One of these days, this bro will have an epiphany and realize he has been lying to himself-- I hope he and his family have time left for a real life .

  • MsD

    I've known plenty who are probably still doing the same thing. I would never to do a pre study before going to meetings. Nothing would ever be highlighted in my watchtower. I would just get stares at the meeting like why are you not prepared?! It's just hysterical! I can't imagine having 4 kids and doing that. These poor people are in for a rude awakening at some point down the road.

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