How do these Hard Core JW's Function?

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  • Zordino

    I am a fader and through the years I've known and spoken to Jw's who live their entire life around the religion. They live as though they speak with Jesus himself! What really got to me was the other day me and my wife had to stop by some Elder's house and it was a Saturday night. Both he, his wife and their 4 children were all studying their Watchtower's for Sunday. The brother and his wife are regular pioneer's and ofcourse broke as hell barely surviving with 4 kids. Old furniture in their home as though they found it on the street...... it just shocked me. The brothers WT mag was not just underlined but with tons of notes written on the sides of the pages. Personally, I can't even stay awake during the meeting less do an hour of pre-study. And when the bro spoke, in every sentence its Jehovah this or Theocratic that. I just cannot imagine living that kind of a life. Not to knock these people, they are very nice, but in a way I feel sorry for them. If only they could put all that effort on something usefull!

    I'm curious as to what causes many people like this to be so devoted to it. What is the phsycology behind what makes them tick?

  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    When you have the lie of everlasting life on earth as your main focus and goal, everything else goes to the side. Money is meaningless to dubs because they "know we are so close to the end." Sadly I had this same thinking for over 20 years.

  • caliber

    Some beliefs are like walled gardens. They encourage exclusiveness

  • problemaddict

    I was always a "student" of the literature in the same way. As an adult, I realize how elementary the publications really are. They have only been dumbed down since then.

    When you only know one way of being, and you have no other possibilities you are open too, it seems perfectly logical to do this.

  • Gopher


    1. Fear

    2. The desire to advance in a man-made organization, to feel like you count there.

    3. The hope that they're really right, and that you're in a special place, with special knowledge, with the inside track to salvation.

    Back when I was in, I knew of some hard-core JW's who really had some nice things in their home, but because of their status were not viewed as materialistic.

  • Think About It
    Think About It
    Both he, his wife and their 4 children were all studying their Watchtower's for Sunday.

    Why does he do this? The answer is right there at his table. He probably sincerely believes the JW course will result in everlasting life for his family and himself.

  • tiki

    could be its easier to let someone/thing else do your thinking for you than to take responsibility for it yourself...

  • Cagefighter

    I agree with Tiki, the world is scary. Some people are just brainwashed, but some (shaped by unstable childhood experiences) find a peace in the cult.

  • Zordino

    I just don't know how people can talk about non existent people or spirits (most likely fictional) in that way. They talk about Bibble characters (namely Jehovah) like they just went out for a beer with them last night. Its scary!

  • garyneal

    Belief can be comforting, helps us make sense of an otherwise senseless world. Gives us purpose in an otherwise purposeless existence.

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