Was jehovah/yahweh/god the first to commit an abortion?!

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  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Did the baby have a bad heart condition? As in evil not congenital but that is actually a more likely scenario.

    What happened to God not punishing children for the sins of their father's?

  • JWOP


    True, there were other heirs before this baby. But for some reason, God decided to allow the line to continue through Bath-Sheba, only without the adultery involved. Perhaps it was a lieu of the loss of the baby? I can't begin to guess God's reasons.

  • hoser

    True, there were other heirs before this baby. But for some reason, God decided to allow the line to continue through Bath-Sheba, only without the adultery involved. Perhaps it was a lieu of the loss of the baby? I can't begin to guess God's reasons.

    my guess:

    David was a powerful King who controlled the army and would have killed anyone that got in his way or tried to uphold the Law

  • cptkirk

    I never really got the whole "you reap what you sow" thing, yet if you actually read the bible, it's always the offspring paying the price for the sins of the fathers lol. just make it up as you write it i love it.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run


    I don't know you well. Do you believe what you write or is a parody of Witness belief? I am thick sometimes.

    Do you have a baby or could you visit new infants in the hospital and kill them for what their parents did?

    Does anyone else feel that the Witnesses gloss over David's crimes and very bad character? They do acknowledge the Bathsheba incident but it seems to be of small import to them. David murdered Uriah.

    I am puzzled by the scriptures detailing King David and King Solomon's reigns. They are despicable yet they are also godly. The lesson seems to be that regardless of moral character, rah-rah Israel. Israel is the best. We have the best kings, no matter what evil they permit or do.

  • jwfacts

    JWOP - David caused this situation for the baby, not God.

    No, David cause the situation for himself, and due to his actions, under Jewish law he should have suffered death himself. If your father murdered someone, would you feel it just that you go to prison, would you say your father caused the situation for you?

  • prologos

    WT leaders see themselfs as bigger than life characters and aspire to greatness like their OT heroes. Also they must be aware of the serious charges that will be brought against them, and hope that the "David and the ladies" precedents they are harping on again and again will result in clemency for them. Or the fact that they understand that their actions will result in thousands of casualties among their followers too-and blaming that on "God"

    jwop: a good partial analysis of all that went wrong. but the whole affair would also sound plausible without references what "--God-- decided--", or "---God could have damned the baby by ending the pregnancy any time--"

    fact: child survival rates were low in the past, miscarriages frequent, even today.

    The brothers Grimm are not the only ones telling grim stories.

  • snare&racket

    God supposedly (if you belive in him and creation) designed abortion into every woman! A miscariage is not a random error but a mechanism for mothers to not spend energy on a baby they cant afford (mother ill) or energy that is being wasted (fetus is 'ill').

    Of course living in a cave or a jungle with evolutionary development, this makes perfect sense and is seen as a vital means of preserving a mothers life so that she can make more offspring efficiently.


    Designed by a god who his followers believe to be anti-abortion (despite the infanticide's/genocide's) with no explination as to why miscarriage happens, other than it is a diseased state designed by god as punishment for eve eating fruit. Either way he is behind more abortions than any clinic! (Some people make bizzare unscriptural claims that satan is behind disease, without realising that every organism on earth would need recreating on the introduction of 'disease' from 'non-disease' and since when was Satan the creator? Even cancer needs godly 'DNA design' behind it- if you believe in him. Of course science has mapped the evolution of such things as cancer, but these people dont care about such 'facts'.)

    So who is the great abortionist? who do you think wins in the number of failed pregnancies, abortion clinics or godly designed miscarriage?

    Snare x

  • processor

    Is the Bible against abortion?

    (Ecclesiastes 4:2, 3) And I congratulated the dead who had already died rather than the living who were still alive. So better than both of them is the one who has not yet come to be.

    (Jeremiah 20:17, 18) .Why did he not definitely put me to death from the womb, that my mother should become to me my burial place and her womb be pregnant to time indefinite? Why is it that I have come forth from the very womb?

    (Job 3:11; 10:18, 19) Why from the womb did I not proceed to die? Why did I not come forth from the belly itself and then expire? ... So why from a womb did you bring me out? Could I have expired, that not even an eye could see me, there as though I had not come to be I should have become; from the belly to the burial place I should have been brought.

    (Luke 23:29) Happy are the barren women, and the wombs that did not give birth!

  • JWOP

    Band On the Run:

    Like anyone else, I try to make sense of things that are tough to understand. I try to reconcile things that are horrible in the Bible. And I believe that if God really wanted that baby destroyed, He would have done it in utero. Instead He allowed him to be born, which I believe allowed him to be covered under Christ's blood. The verse says that God struck the baby with an illness.... it is my opinion that the baby was actually born with some kind of congenital condition that God didn't heal. That happens to many babies born every day.

    I know I don't have all the answers, but I do believe in God, and I do believe there is some reason for what happened, even if I don't understand it yet.

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