New Article: Can Jehovah's Witnesses Survive The Internet?

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    I wrote a new essay regarding the effects that the Internet is having on the organization.

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    Good read!

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    Aussie Oz

    Very good read

    I do find one criticism though, i hope you don't mind me saying. The below quote from the article:

    Despite stern warn­ings, web forums, such as, have pro­vided a safe haven for active Jehovah’s Wit­nesses to exchange in free com­mu­ni­ca­tion with each other, and even ex-members

    I feel as an ex jw, and a member for 3 years that the above is a tad misleading.

    While JWN did begin as pro jw it very quickly became a haven for many many ex JWs and unhappy JWs. The quote makes it sound like it is more inhabited by basically loyal JWs with ''even'' ex members joining in. That clearly is not the case, more in fact, the reverse: JWN is more inhabited by ex jws and faders and ''even'' a few loyal JWs, the latter more often than not getting called trolls. I would not find JWN a safe haven if i was an active loyal Jehovah's Witness looking to discuss my faith.

    Other than that, nicely said,


  • WTWizard

    I think the Internet is going to make things miserable for the witlesses. When I got scammed toward damnation, I never had access to anything except what the Suffer Forever book and their LIE-ble said about it. There was no way I could learn that the whole thing didn't even follow the LIE-ble from what I was being shown, and the scumbag conducting my study would not take no for an answer. That thing even insisted that, after my first day of field circus, that I was coming back out the next day at 9 in the morning knowing I didn't usually come back home from work until around 1 or so. No chance to cross-reference the religion.

    I will compare this to Satanism, which seems to be doing quite nicely with the Internet. They encourage people to use the Internet to cross-reference things, and if something is a scam, it shows up without much thought. In Spiritual Satanism, you are supposed to research the religions and see for yourself that they are all bunk, and then keep doing additional research. True, not everything therein is 100% accurate because Christi-SCAM-ity and its cohorts have worked tirelessly to destroy accurate knowledge. However, the average Satanism is supposed to be able to tell what is simply "outdated" (that is, they found new information or got information directly from Demons, tried it, and it worked) and what is simply rubbish.

    And they don't censor everything. Post a YouTube video there, they appreciate spreading the message to wake people up that Satan is the real Savior and that joke-hova is the real villain. You get infiltrators that post rubbish on their groups, and everyone sees right through the rubbish and makes things miserable for anyone who is bent on ruining the group and Satanism. Try that with the joke-hova's witlesses.

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    Good article!

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    Despite stern warn­ings, web forums, such as, have pro­vided a safe haven for active Jehovah’s Wit­nesses to exchange in free com­mu­ni­ca­tion with each other, and even ex-members . . .

    It is so very true in my case: "active" JW communicating with all you other active JWs and even X-JWs

    A well written article, Anthony. NOT sensationalism, just well presented info that I think would prove to be true if someone delves into it.


  • Finkelstein

    Good article

    The age of information via the inter-net is and has been created a problem for the WTS. because its really exposing the pretentiousness

    and corrupt fraud for which it is as (god's chosen organization) or god's chosen publishing house as it were.

    In the past the WTS. could completely operate under a white sheet that they covered over themselves, pieces of literature that

    the organization deemed unworthy to their objective, were pulled off the shelves of each congregation, to be hidden away from any new comers

    the organization had lured in. Today with the easy access derived from the inter-net about all things concerning this religious organization,

    to what it had doctrinally proclaimed , right down to the social behavioral patterns by some of the most notable people who were the leading

    orchestrators of the organization.

    Its no wonder the GB of the WTS. had to put out a video a couple of years ago, lamenting continuously throughout the video

    that the WTS., even right back to C T Russell's days were preaching Christian truths, as attempt to white wash over what the organization had done

    in its past history. So worried about this exposing information that the WTS. is actually now lying about what the WTS. preached prior to

    before 1914 even occurring.

    Another aspect to this accessible information is the WTS. is making an attempt to apologize for its past falsely devised proclamations

    but of course stopping short of really saying why those proclamations were devised, which was intensionally to cultivate and attract interest to the

    organization's own published goods.

    Another foreboding problem that is resting on the shoulders of WTS., is that many of the organization's past proclamations made during its

    century long existence never appeared or came true, which has sort of invalidates the image of the organization being specifically and solemnly

    chosen by god, as his earthly spiritually guided mouth piece for all mankind.

    The WTS. should be honestly and realistically identified as a house of Charlatanism, its basically a matter

    if your willing to be one of its own devout and submissive sales representatives or not.

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    breakfast of champions

    Good article and nice page design

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    Good article,Anthony.


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