Governing Body, Faithful slave, or who?

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  • Socrateswannabe

    I can't answer your question regarding who has the money, but I would like to suggest to you that the money isn't as important as you may think it is. I agree with Jnat that WTBS is a bureaucracy whose primary goal is self-preservation. Other large organizations are bureaucracies also. Let's say that Apple Corporation is one. The founders and leaders of Apple want to leave a legacy that will be around 100 years from now, so in that way they're no different from the leaders of the WTBS.

    Apple, through its advertising, development and marketing of superior products, and manipulation of social media, labors mightily to alter my behavior. They may convince me that without Apple products, my life will be less rich and meaningful, and if I believe them, I buy their stuff. As an organization they have spent a good deal of capital to influence me to do so, and their motive is profit--so the money is quite important to them.

    I don't believe the leaders of the WTBS are greedy in the traditional sense of the word, that is, for profit. They control an empire, and even if all of the perks that we've heard about are true, they still lead rather austere lives compared to the titans at Apple or any other multi-billion dollar corporation. Money is necessary to keep the wheels in motion, but it is not their primary focus. So what do WT leaders work so hard to attain? Power and control. Power and control are the keys to perpetuating their organization. They manipulate, not by the carrot of pleasure, as Apple does, but by the stick of fear and guilt. They preach that all not with them are against them, placing 99% of the world on the side of Satan. Add to that the specter of shunning, spiritual bankruptcy, the wrath of Jehovah, and finally an excruciating death at Armageddon, and they can exert a powerful influence on naïve people. It works on only one in a thousand, but it has created a juggernaut that is very hard to break up. That is what they seek. Power and control.

  • problemaddict

    I may be in a minority here, but I do not believe there is a puppet master over and above the GB. Truth be told they themselves don't seem to really be living high on the hog. Not Rutherford style anyways.

    I think the organization has taken ona life all its own. A corp as very well pointed out by jgnat, becomes a beast that needs to be fed. CEO's, founders, chairman, can all come and go, but the beast remains. There are of course many more factors than that, but you get my point.

    I think the GB for the most part, are true believers. I think they really believe what they do, and are s subject to the mind control and processes that all of us have been to a certain point. Of course anyone not accountable to anyone else for their actions other than the few people at that table, have to have a different view of things.

    I don't think the ex community can have it both ways. The WT is either cash poor or it isn't. Most of their "assets" are brick and morter, and a massive recall of these things usually does not yeild a subsaquent financial benefit. While I believe their handling of money is very shrewd and certainly borderline, I don't think there is a puppet group reaping the benefits. I just don't think that is the reasonable conclusion. :)

  • Lozhasleft

    Good thread Char. I believe someone/some people must be benefitting. The failure to bring down the WTBS has been the lack of insight as to WHO/WHY? I don't know to be honest, but I'm pretty sure that money is behind it all somewhere, somehow. It's very clever though, too clever.

    Loz x

  • jgnat

    If I were to name a group cashing in, I'd say it's

  • Fernando

    1. Our evil step-father (the god of religion)
    2. The original Pharisees and their spiritual children
    3. The illuminati (powerful humans who believe they know what is best)
    4. Trillionaire shadow financiers (driven by power and control)
    5. Watchtower corporate bureaucrats and lawyers (drunk with the wine of religion and the blood of dissenters)
    6. The Watchtower ruling religious clergy class (GB, ZO's, DO's, CO's, Elders, Elderettes, MS's)
    7. The R&F or "dumb sheeple" who feed their resources (time, energy and money) to the beast to keep it alive
  • Hermano

    I'm with jgnat on this. It has a life of it's own now. That's not to say there are not individuals that know it's BS and try to manipulate things for their own interests, because I think such individulas do exist. But they are not running the show. No one is 100% in charge now. The organization is a runaway train. And just like your local kingdom hall, a few know it's BS but remain for the glory, another few know it's BS but remain because it's the only thing they know, and most are asleep and captives of the concept.

  • Balaamsass

    I agree with jnat. Think big tabacco,..everone knows smoking harms people..yet hundreds of thousands show up for work everyday and keep the companies humming. Loyal company men and women. Defending it from lawsuits. Looking out for the "tribe" and their own self intrests.

    Some on the outside know it is BS...but they get "benifits". Power. Social status. Penance. Pedophiles get access to children. Elders can "be somebody"at the hall because during the day they are nobodys. JW Car dealers and furnishing companies get volume over rides on "donated at cost products". JW connected realtors get commissions, etc.

    People do what they do because they get "something" from it.

  • Honeybucket

    satan controls in


    sidenote- I dont actually believe in god nor satan. But if they did exist, i'd believe this theory.

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