40 Furry, Tiny, Sweet and Adorable Baby Animals. Guaranteed to brighten your day!

by ohiocowboy 20 Replies latest social entertainment

  • BorgHater

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww overloaded big time with cuteness. Can't get enough of these thank you so much Ohio.


  • clarity

    Oh so cute hard to pick just one!

    Thanks Ohio ... sometimes we forget how wonderful

    this planet can be .... with all those sweet little babies.

    Ok I'll pick the little tortiseshell kitty (even if they make

    me itch!) .


    Is that a golden Lab in your 'avatar' picture Ohio?



  • ohiocowboy

    Glad that they brought a smile to your day, Borghater! I must have looked at the pictures a dozen times since yesterday as I cannot get my fill of the cuddley cuteness.

    Imagine working at a place where you get to actually see and hold those types of critters. It would be a dream job! I'd love a chance to take care of them!

  • ohiocowboy

    Good afternoon, Clarity! I hope you have been doing well!!! Yes, the Golden Lab in my picture is of my Little Girl Chelsea. I lost her a while back, and still miss her every day. I had her for 14-1/2 years, ever since she was 6 weeks old. Thank you for noticing her in my picture, She was and is still the love of my life besides my Partner.

    Animals are one of Earth's greatest treasures!!!

  • shamus100

    Muuuhahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • akafreelife

    needed this i have not been smiling much lately

  • designs

    Little bird in the second photo is cool, baby dolphin second

  • Satanus

    Very nice. I have to inject some insulin, now;)


  • LisaRose

    Thank you, that did brighten my day. Why is it that the baby version of ugly animals are even cute? There is a website that has similar pictures, part of the Cheezeburger group that does LOL cats. it's http://icanhas.cheezburger.com/squee

  • ohiocowboy

    Shamus, we can't forget the cute Monkey of the board, even though he bites!

    Akafreelife, I was just gettig ready to post on your thread. I'm sorry that you are going through some rough times right now. I hope that things get better for you soon and that you find a relationship where you are not being taken advantage of. Relationships are both give and take, 50/50. You deserve good things in life, and you deserve to have someone who is considerate of you! It WILL happen. Please take it easy on the alcohol though, it may feel good at the moment, but it causes a person to get more depressed after the buzz wears off. Take care, we are all wishing you the best!

    Designs, I love the little bird too! His wings are sooo tiny!

    Satanus, seeing the wee little animals does give one a sweet high, even better than a sugar rush!

    LisaRose, Hello! Yep, I've seen some animals that are so ugly looking that they are cute! There is a Possum that visits us every night. He is old, half bald, walks funny, and is just the homliest Animal! He is one of our favorite Animals in our area, and we adore him and still think he's cute!

    There's a wildlife rehab center not too far from us, and I've often thought of doing a little volunteer work there so that I can be involved with the animals. It is mostly birds, but there are all types of them, and it is fun to occasionally visit and collect feathers. One time when we went, there was a tiny Owl, and he kept making chirping noises at me, and wouldn't take his eyes off of me. Every time I would try to walk away, he would scream and fly around even wilder than before, and when I would walk back to him he would calm down and start chirping again. I would make little chirping noises back to him, and he would talk back to me. I hated to leave! We got pictures of him, and I will try to post some. I wish that they adopted some of the Animals out, but they aren't allowed to.

    Again, I'm glad that so many are enjoying the pictures!

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