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  • Kool Jo
    Kool Jo

    Good day all…I haven’t posted in a while, but still reading some of the posts…been very busy at my job!

    So as you know, my job requires some amount of traveling (another excuse I gave for stepping down as an MS a couple months ago). At one of the locations that my employer owns ( where I’m temporarily reassigned), there are few JW’s…magazines are laying around and are given out to other co-workers…only two persons at this location know that I’m somehow associated with the borg. We hardly communication though…plus I knew these two folks prior to knowing TTATT.

    There is one of the young ladies who is a JW…she has a nice personality and extremely attractive. My interaction with the JW’s at my new location is very minimal, primarily work related conversations. The young lady I mentioned earlier (23) has a good sense of humor for a JW, so I do joke with her when I pass by her work station, but she doesn’t know my JW background. She takes her magazine folder with her to work and does street witnessing after work in the city. She gives literature to my coworkers and I’m sure that I’ll be receiving an memorial invitation from her…don’t know how to handle it when she asks me if I’m going to attend?

    Her coworkers tease her at times for not having a BF ect…she tells them she’s waiting on a spiritual person blah blah blah…she laughs it off when they tease her, but I know deep down inside she feels odd at times. Even before I knew she was a JW, I was attracted to her, but I realize I have to keep things at a distance. I hope she’ll eventually be awakened, but I doubt it. She had quit her job to pioneer & learn ASL, but when reality hit her in the face, she re-applied and got back in the company. She’s a phenomenal employee and does very well with our clients and fellow employees.

    Another JW whom I share office space with is always singing kingdom melodies or plays them on her PC…just makes me want to puke!!!

    Other than that, my parents are out of the country for a couple months traveling & I haven’t been to FS nor meetings in months…so my fade is going great!


    Kool Jo

  • cofty

    Thanks for the update Kool Jo. Good to hear things are going well.

  • insearchoftruth4

    Right on Kool Jo!!! F..........ade.........

  • ABibleStudent

    Glad to hear that your life and fade are going well Kool Jo.

    From your post you sound more than a little interested in the attractive JW at work. I hope that you do not get more interested in her. Since your post did not mention any other love interests in your life, it seems more than likely that you will become more interested in her.

    With all the WTBTS magazines laying around, have you thought about writing on them "Visit to learn more."? Who knows maybe one of the JWs might visit out of curiousity.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • ShirleyW

    don’t know how to handle it when she asks me if I’m going to attend?

    Well since you say haven't been in FS for awhile, I'm sure when you did go you heard the phrase "no thanks" or just plain "no", what's wrong with telling her the same thing?


    Right on Bible Student! Kool-jo, leave her a tract of your own...TTATT.

  • NeverKnew

    Awww.... this is so romantic!

  • Kool Jo
    Kool Jo

    Just found out that another girl at at my workplace is a JW

    The local stores not too far from my current workplace is a popular spot for JW's doing street work / magazine work. So this new lady was out on a Friday afternoon doing street work with a couple other older sisters from her hall....I saw her, but she didn't see me. The next morning I went to work & said "hey Mary, I saw you walking with some friends at XYZ store yesturday all dressed up". Her reply "yes, I was just walking around" She doesn't talk about the JW's at work nor did she admit to what she was doing...maybe she's just going tru the motions?

    On another note...I think my desk is the only one at work that doesn't have a tract, brochure or magazine on it....the folks this side of town are somewhat religous and are more liberal, very they'll take the literature

    I'm working on something to leave a small note in the literature I see all over the place...I wan't to leave something other than just the jwfacts website or this one...


    Kool Jo

  • mrquik

    Keep on with the fade.... fade ..... fade.

  • Roberta804

    Keep your head!!!!.............. I mean the one between your shoulders. smile

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