The 1260 Days: No Witnesses were harmed in the making of this prophesy.

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    Well it took them until 1943 to work out that 606 BCE plus 2520 years ends at 1915 CE so they just changed 606 to 607 to give them the answer they needed.

    Nothing surprises me anymore other than the fact I fell this twaddle for so long.


    Hi George, in defense of the WTS, since this is a key point for you, i just wanted to note that the 606 vs 607 BCE adjustment was done empirically when they noted that there was no Roman zero year. The WTS has always focussed on 1914 and counted 2520 years backward which originally gave them 606 BCE (2520-1914=606 BCE), But BCE dates are off one year because there is no zero year. Thus the BC years start after 1 AD. So based on that, 606 BCE was an incorrect BCE date since when calculated with a zero year, that's what you get. When you remove one year for no Roman zero year then the date increases by 1, thus the correct date 2520 years would be 607 BCE rather than 606 BCE.

    So in defense of the WTS, which is rare, they were not to their old tricks of twisting and manipulating dates as usual this time, but simply correcting a previous error. It wasn't as you implied, that 606 BCE didn't work since it pointed to 1915 so they made the adjustment to make 1914 work. 1914 was always the pivotal date upon which the fall of Jerusalem is based.

    But, that doesn't let them off for twisting and deceiving regarding 607 BCE. Case in point, they quote from Josephus regarding a 23-year campaign that they claim must have produced the last deportation from surrounding nations that year. But Josephus is quite clear that the Jews deported in year 23 were the last remnant of Jews who had ran down to Egypt. We know the WTS knows about this because they go out of their way to claim those last deported were those from surrounding nations. If they were honest enough to follow Josephus, whom they quoted, they would have known where those of the last deportation came from. But you see, that would be too tricky for the witnesses who were told that the land was desolated from the time of the destruction of Jerusalem with no one passing through. Once you realize the last deportees were out of Egypt, including Jeremiah and Baruch, of course, then it would raise the issue of people trekking back through Judea to get to Babylon! Thus, the 70 years of exile would not have begun until the last deportation, year 23, which Josephus claims anyway! Plus, the Bible clearly notes that a small remnant of those who escaped the sword from down in Egypt would return to Judea! (Jeremkiah 44:14,28)

    So, by no means is the WTS not the lying and deceptive false prophets they were prophesied to be, but in the cases of 607 vs 606, it just involved a simple correction --606 BCE was simply the incorrect BCE date that is 2520 years from 1914. But it doesn't matter one bit since the 70 years of exile don't begin until year 23 of Nebuchadnezzar and not the year Jerusalem fell. There were still people in Judea in the 23rd year, if only for a short while before being deported to Babylon that same year, something the Bible teaches and is confirmed by the history of Josephus!

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    Just for the record, since you were questioning how the 'two witnesses" were not killed in connection with WTS leaders in the 1914-1918 period, the actual fulfillment did take place.

    First, you have to use the VAT4956 to correct the timeline. Darius I was so afriad of revisionists that he told his story on a sheer cliff at Behistun in three different languages, one which was already extinct! So revisionism was simple back then. You only had to state something and who could check it? Astronomy, though, is something you can't manipulate that easily, so once the Persians had added 82 fake years to their records, they were in conflict with the astronomical texts from the NB Period. So the decision was made to destroy these records during the Seleucid Period. To preserve some references to the original timeline, though, "diaries"like the VAT4956 and the SK400 were created which created a context for many references that aligned with the new timeline, while at the same time, at critical points, introducing observations from the original timeline, something only an astronomer would notice. Thus the "errors" in Lines 3 and 14 of the VAT4956 which don't match the revised date of 568 BCE, do match the Biblical date for year 37 of Nebuchadnezzar II, which is 511 BCE. That is, per the Bible, the 1st of Cyrus should have fallen in 455 BCE. Add 70 years back to the last deportation, year 23 of Neb2, and you get 525 BCE for year 23. Year 37 would fall in 511 BCE, which are the matched lunar observations we find in Lines 3 and 14 of the VAT4956. This "double-dating" proves568 BCE was the fabricated date and 511 BCE was the orignial date, thus agreeing with the Bible. Having noted that, year 19 falls in 529 BCE and so 2520 years later dates the 2nd coming in 1992.

    Now. You have a choice. You can can face reality and use the Biblical and corrected secular dates for the NB period, which gives you 1992 as the date of the second coming, or you can dismiss the Bible as not true. BUT here is what actually happened:

    The "two witnesses" prophesied about the date of the 2nd coming for 3.5 years, 1260 days. This would be the first 3.5 years of the 70th week which begins in 1989 and ends in 1996. The WTS is opposed to the teachings of these "two witnessess" but are aware of their prophesying that the messiah would arrive in the body of a black man. This takes on even more significance since these anointed ones claim to have seen the "sign of the son of man" which is the image of a sleeping (dead) black infant's face seen in the clouds. We know this because the WTS shows this image in the hand of Jesus in the Revelation Book, which came out in 1988.

    Now it gets to be more fascinating. The scarlet-colored while beast is the entity that kills the two witnesses. Guess who was a member of the UN in 1992? Right, the WTS! Now don't be alarmed at UN agents operating in the US. The UN uses their network of local Freemasons to carry out their dirty work. At any rate, Fred Franz knew who the Christ would be because he was sent a letter on November 10, 1992 which essentially disfellowshipped the GB and told them they were the "evil slave" and the 'man of lawlessness." The person who wrote this letter was one of the anointed who called himself, "the Watchman." Franz, expecting the Christ to arrive on December21, 1992, per the witnessing of the "two witnesses" now coordinating his efforts to suppress this with UN agents, must have tipped them off who the person was who would become the Christ. No, it wasn't necessary to put out a hit on him to prevent the second coming. But as the Bible says, the UN was allowed to interrupt the 2nd coming for 3.5 days and kill the two witnesses, that is, kill their witnessing since the Christ did not take up the physical body of this anointed one on December21st as planned. But don't lose sight of this fulfillment. That is, the UN and the WTS are one in the same entity at this point!

    How did the UN agents interrupt the 2nd coming for 3.5 days? Well, they used alchemy -- witchcraft. They understood the new messiah would have to be in a trance for two days, so all that was necessary was to keep this person awake. They could do this with air-born inhalants masked by perfume. This was a good plan, because it is difficult to avoid not inhaling some woman's strong perfume. Of course, it goes without saying that inhalants are used to ingest certain drugs, and certain inhalants can even kill you.

    So, the UN agents were able to prevent the 2nd coming on the 21st. This killed the two witnesses and their witnessing. But their bodies were not buried. Meaning, they had a back-up plan for the 2nd coming to occur. In the meantime, the "nations" spoken of rejoicing would have been the WTS and those who knew about these secret spiritual things going on in relation to the messiah at the second coming. Also, all those secret agencies from the UN. But Fred Franz' laughter and joy was short lived because Jehovah executed him the very next day on the 22nd! The "two witnesses" took advantage of the skeleton crew on watch on Christmas Eve to smuggle the messiah out of a motel right at midnight, when there was a shift change and either one agent left a little early or his replacement was just a bit late. The messiah was guided through the night by flashing Christmas lights to where a metal commerical dumpster was, which was a safe place from any tracking devices the UN had planted in the clothing or on the person of the messiah. So hidden from the UN agents, 3.5 days after the original date for the 2nd coming, the 2nd coming did take place on December 25, 1992.

    Now I know this is hard to accept by just my relating this. But that is what actually happened and that is how the UN is involved. So all the details of this prophecy did indeed come true. After the kingdom was established in heaven and Satan kicked out, leaving a place for the anointed of Christ, of course, you see the "two witnesses" being called up to heaven 3.5 days after their death.

    So, JUST IN CASE the WTS' false deceptions are causing you to second-guess the Bible, you don't have to let that happen. You have the true fulfillment and the true dates, which you can investigate on your own.

    But also note that the letter sent on November 10, has fulfillment of the 1290 days. That is, when the "disgusting thing" is exposed. Keep in mind that the "man of lawlessness" must be revealed before the 2nd coming. This was fulfilled by telling the GB that they were the "man of lawlessness"! This ended the 1290 days. Then exactly 45 days later, on December 25, 1992, the second coming took place, fulfilling the "1335 days"!

    Thus this important event is fulfilled twice, once for the Jews and once for the Christians. The Christian fulfillment is actual days, but the Jewish fulfillment is "a day for a year." Thus for the Jews, the 1290 days ends in 1947. That's when the end of their tribulation ends, the official end of their exile on November 30, 1947. So for them, their messiah would arrive 45 years later, thus sometime between November 30, 1992 and Novembeer 30, 1993. So that was fulfilled as well.

    Quite wonderful and quite fascinating -- but quite private. Who can believe all this?

    Too hard for you to believe? Not to worry, it was designed that way, so that really only the elect would accept this; outsiders can't accept it even though the elect know the Bible is true and all this is fulfilled. But not what the Bible says:

    ACTS 13:41 "Behold it, you scorners, and wonder at it, and vanish away, because I am working a work in your days, a work that you will by no means believe even if anyone relates it to you in detail."

    So the elect understand the Bible is true and all this is fulfilled, but outsiders will probably not accept the Bible is really true until Armageddon starts, unfortunately. But that is how Jehovah designed it. The bright light of truth are for the select elect, primarily, and within the WTS setting since the WTS is the true "temple in its right condition" sect from 1886-1996.

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    Thank you for demonstrating that the Watchtower does not have the monopoly on weird interpretations.

    That was one amazing dumpster you were anointed in, Lars!

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Just looking again at that last WT that Len quoted, Nov 1, 1993.

    They say the 1260 days started in December 1914, (no day specified) and ended on June 21, 1918.

    As Londo says, counting back from June 21, 1918 for 1260 days gives you January 8, 1915. You cannot get back to ANY day in December 1914.

    How did I never see any of this????


  • Emery

    Larsinger, my god, please get some help somewhere.

  • Londo111

    I missed my 1290th post by one, but a quick exploration of the 1290 days which is even more off mathematically.

    You know...FORGET 607! Please JW Apologists, explain to me the 1260 and 1290 days.

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