The 1260 Days: No Witnesses were harmed in the making of this prophesy.

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  • Londo111

    According to the latest printed “light” on the 1260 days, this prophetic period ended on June 21, 1918, when Rutherford and the Directors were sentenced to prison. The beginning of the 1260 days is said to be December 1914.

    However, if we use a simple tool, like Excel, and subtract 1260 days from June 21, 1918, we get January 8 th , 1915.

    Why? Do the writers of the Watchtower lack basic math or calendar skills? Was there a psychological need to start the 1260-day period so that it has a toehold in the year 1914?

    Paul does a great job here exposing the changes to the 1260-day teaching (as well as the 1290 and 1335 days) and how often the starting and ending points do not match what the Watchtower publications say. If they can’t do simple arithmetic or work a calendar, why would we trust them in complex interpretation of prophesy?

    I’m kind of miffed at myself for being in awe of these explanations of the 1260, 1290, and 1335 days and not doing the math myself. I just accepted what was in print. Of course, at the time, I didn't see a need to do such fact checking.

    However, I was thinking about the Two Witness prophesy of Revelation 11 the other day in another light: it is pure hubris! The Society interprets the Two Witnesses (literally the Two Martyrs) being killed at the end of the 1260 days as Rutherford and company going to prison.

    Nobody was killed. There were no actual martyrs. Rutherford and his friends went to jail for ten months (longer than three and a half days, that is true, but no death sentence!) And did “people and tribes and languages and nations” gaze on them and rejoice over their demise? I highly doubt that many people at that time paid much attention or even heard of this obscure sect. The Society is truly a legend in its own mind.

    Contrast this to the literal JW martyrs who died in concentration camps. Rutherford’s ten month stint in a US prison is a larger event of epic proportions? What arrogance!

  • pixel

    It just happened in their little world here in the USA.

  • Emery

    Hahaha, yeah I thought Ray Franz did an excellent job in ISOCF explaining all this. Their presumptuous arrogance is truly amazing. Here is what Franz had to say about it on pages 441-446.

    Bending scripture to fit organizational history. The fallacy of provincialism is particularly evident in the organization's depicting itself as the central figure of various bible prophecies. They carefully develop certain features and incidents while ignoring others. Events of a comparatively trivial nature occurring in a certain time period of the past can be magnified to appear as of monumental significance, of world shaking importance. (Revelation and Daniel prophecies)

    The application of bible prophecy to events that in many cases are essentially petty truly manifests a vivid imagination, but not discretion of faithful adherence to scripture. It is a clear example of the fallacy of "Provincialism." The later rejections of so many claimed fulfillments of prophecy demonstrates this to be so. In reality, what the WT does is make scriptures conform to certain features of the organization's history, as if that history was dominant and determinative over scripture.

    Circular reasoning is also seen in that, in any discussion of qualifying for divine approval and assignment of authority the organization itself chooses the standards and conditions for passing the test, standards and conditions that are all adapted to fit precisely whatever it had been doing at the time that might be considered distinctive. The result of the "test" at the time of Christ's supposed invisible return is thus totally geared in their favor, so that they cannot fail to appear as victors.

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    These charts may be useful, if not humorous. Len.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Well it took them until 1943 to work out that 606 BCE plus 2520 years ends at 1915 CE so they just changed 606 to 607 to give them the answer they needed.

    Nothing surprises me anymore other than the fact I fell this twaddle for so long.


  • Londo111

    I can’t believe I made long comments during the meetings explaining this stuff.

    Most people afterwards used to tell me, “Good job! That stuff goes over my head.”

    Most JWs can’t explain, retain it, and they are not sure what was trying to be said in the first place. They think they are just too dense to understand, when in reality, there’s nothing to understand: its complex mumbo-jumbo. For them, it’s enough that the Watchtower says it.

  • man oh man
    man oh man

    In looking these things up after being baptized I always laughed and said "yeah right". But continued believing we had the truth.

  • zeb

    I often wondered why the wts would at times 'resurect' this jailing. An awful lot of people have been imprisoned longer for less but they dont go on and on about it.

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  • Larsinger58

    What is more critical is that all witnesses should know that the first interpretation of the "1335 days" was linked to a major event, that of the second coming! That's right! 539 AD + 1335 = 1874! So the Bible Students thought the 1335 days was the date of the second coming! I guess after 1874 passed without a visible second coming, they began to focus on 1914 as the second coming, but there was not relevance for it fulfilling the "1335 days" as was 1874, which they linked to the foundation of the Catholic Church in 539 AD.

    Of course,1874 was based on the "a day for a year" formula, so the 1335 days was actually 1335 years! Apparently they dropped that as well and applied literal days in connection to 1914. This is from the Watchtower regarding the fulfillment of the 1335 days:

    The 1,335 Days

    17 Daniel 12:12 says: “Happy is the one who is keeping in expectation and who arrives at the one thousand three hundred and thirty-five days!” These 1,335 days, or three years, eight and a half months, evidently began at the end of the previous period. Counting from September 1922, this brings us to the late spring (Northern Hemisphere) of 1926. What happened during those 1,335 days?

    18 Despite the landmark nature of events in 1922, evidently some still looked longingly to the past. The Studies in the Scriptures, authored by C. T. Russell, were still basic study material. Further, the widely circulated booklet Millions Now Living Will Never Die presented the view that in 1925, God’s purposes regarding the restoring of the earth to Paradise and the resurrecting of the faithful ones of old would begin to be fulfilled. The endurance of the anointed seemed to be nearly completed. Nevertheless, some associated with the Bible Students did not feel impelled to share the good news with others.

    19 As the 1,335 days progressed, all of this changed. To strengthen the brothers, regular group studies of The Watch Tower were organized. Field service was stressed. Beginning in May 1923, everyone was invited to share in field service on the first Tuesday of every month, and time was set aside during the midweek congregation meeting to encourage them in this work. In August 1923, at an assembly in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A., it was shown that Jesus’ parable of the sheep and the goats would be fulfilled before the Millennial Reign. (Matthew 25:31-40) The year 1924 saw the inauguration of radio station WBBR, which was used to broadcast the good news over the airwaves. The article “Birth of the Nation” in the March 1, 1925, issue of The Watch Tower gave an adjusted understanding of Revelation chapter 12. Finally, faithful Christians could properly understand the tumultuous events of 1914-19.

    20 The year 1925 came to its conclusion, but the end was not yet! Ever since the 1870’s, Bible Students had been serving with a date in mind—first 1914, then 1925. Now, they realized that they must serve for as long as Jehovah wishes. The January 1, 1926, issue of The Watch Tower carried the landmark article “Who Will Honor Jehovah?” highlighting as never before the importance of God’s name. And finally, in May 1926 at the London, England, convention, a resolution was adopted entitled “A Testimony to the Rulers of the World.” This forthrightly proclaimed the truth about God’s Kingdom and the coming destruction of Satan’s world. At the same convention, the hard-hitting book Deliverance was released, becoming the first of a series to replace Studies in the Scriptures. God’s people were now looking forward, not backward. The 1,335 days were concluded.

    21 Some were unwilling to adjust to these developments, but those who endured were truly happy. Moreover, as we look back on the fulfillment of these prophetic time periods, we too are happy because our confidence is strengthened that the small body of anointed Christians who lived through those times really is the faithful and discreet slave. In the years since then, Jehovah’s organization has expanded enormously, but the faithful and discreet slave is still at its center, guiding it. How thrilling, then, to know that for the anointed and the other sheep, still more happiness is in store! This will be seen as we consider another of Daniel’s prophecies."

    (Wathtower 93 11/1 p. 11-12)

    So this went from the second coming in 1874 to a vauge "happiness" experienced by members by 1926 with the release of a book. Would the Bible bother to prophesy about keeping in expectation of the '1335 days' if all it amounted to was a publication released by the WTS?

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