Learn the word MANUMISSION; use it instead of DISFELLOWSHIP

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  • Terry

    What a huge favor the Watchtower religion does for those who awaken to its phoney cartoon theology!

    They practically beg you to pledge allegience to the dopey old men who run the show-- no matter how wacky and insubstantial their merit.

    If you are too smart and fed up to go along (to get along) they will grant you MANUMISSION!

    It is one of the most wonderful things that can happen to a person whose freedom has been curtailed by nonsensical religion.

    It may, at first, appear to be catastrophic--it is NOT!

    What slave yearns for the chains that bind?

    No--it is high time we wash and rinse our vocabulary of the disgusting word: disfellowship.

    WHY? Because the people who would instantly turn their back on a so-called "brother" aren't your "fellows" at all---they are betrayers of your trust, confidence and friendship (not to mention brotherhood!

    Nothing good can come of checking your brain at the Kingdom Hall front door.

    Better to receive Manumission and take over the steering wheel of your own life.

    Let's face it: you can do much much better for yourself than they have ever done.

    For one thing, you can improve your mind, your income, your social situation and your sense of well-being free from negative lockstep enforcements of petty rituals and mindless rules.

    Your children won't have to be considered outcasts and weirdos, either.

    That is a kindness to them that will be repaid daily for the rest of their lives.

    MANUMISSION is the way to go!

    Life on your own terms free from the slaveholder Governing Body of plantation owners!!

    Web definitions:
    the formal act of freeing from slavery; "he believed in the manumission of the slaves". wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn

    "He/She/It manumitted" - tense Past

    "He/She/It has manumitted" - tense Present Perfect

    "He/She/It had manumitted" - tense Past Perfect

    "He/She/It will have manumitted" - tense Future Perfect

    "He/She/It would have manumitted" - tense Past conditional

  • james_woods

    There seems to be something vaguely NASTY about that word, Terry...

  • Terry

    There seems to be something vaguely NASTY about that word, Terry...

    If you keep your head out from under the hood of that Ferrari long enough your mind will clear and you'll see what a lovely word it really is, James!

    You are confusing it with the phrase: Missionary Position!

  • james_woods

    Maybe it IS the carbon monoxide, Terry.

    On the other hand, some seem to think there is a sensual gratification aspect to oxygen deprivation...

  • Apognophos

    I never learned to drive a MANUMISSION.

  • recovering

    Terry that is an awesome word. A whole science fiction series of books was written regarding that concept. It is the David Birkinhead series. There can be many similarities made to JW members (slaves to a concept by second class citizens)

  • Quendi

    @ Terry: Another word that is closely related to manumission is emancipation. Both of them mean basically the same thing and are drawn from similar Latin words. You are absolutely right to encourage those who have been “disfellowshipped” to think of that announcement as their release from slavery and bondage. When I was disfellowshipped in 2005, I felt like the world had ended. It took some time, but I eventually realized what you stated that being disfellowshipped was the best thing that could have happened to me. I now look upon the day of the announcement as my personal “Declaration of Independence” or “Emancipation Proclamation.”


  • Finkelstein

    The Masters of this slavery compound did create their kingdom out of cartoon theology, when you reflectively think about it.

    The first one was a clothing salesman (C Russell) and the second (J Rutherford) was a lawyer, neither had any theological academical training.

    The WTS. was always be a Kingdom of maligning corruption and deceit, since that is exactly what it was founded upon.

    Power seeking opportunists exploiting religious freedom to their own self assertive perceivable means.

  • sd-7

    I had switched to using 'expulsion' as the replacement word, but 'manumission' sounds so much better. I was manumitted almost 3 years ago. And sadly, no, that is not what she said, in this case.


  • TD

    --Don't always agree with you, Terry, but damn. When you're right, you're right!

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