Lance Armstrong - what does it mean for devoted fans to hear him admit he was a cheat

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  • fakesmile

    james, cheapened cancer research? ill share a bit i learned after leaving the hall. dont put your faith into anyone or anything. it is a sure fire recipe for disappointment. i think cycling, doping, and cancer will be just fine.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    fakesmile gave me a real smile: "lance can take a long ride off of a short pier with oprah on the handelbars."

    That's all I got.


  • OnTheWayOut

    Even if Lance gave back every dime he made and devoted his life to humiliatingly going around telling people what an idiot he was to cheat and how it took him to the very bottom, he still can't unscrew Sheryl Crow.

    Obviously, that all isn't going to happen. So if he avoids the crowds, he has great memories and will live in comfort for the rest of his days.

    He'll be okay. I lump sports in with entertainment, so that I don't get more worked up about football or Tour de France anymore than I would get worked up by something Kim Kardashian says or does.

    "lance can take a long ride off of a short pier with oprah on the handelbars."

    The Bike and Lance would disappear in Oprah`s Butt Crack..

    It would look like just Oprah drowned until they did an Autopsy..

    We found Lance Armstrong and his Bike..

    In Oprah`s Butt!..

    .............................. mutley-ani1.gif ... OUTLAW

  • Theocratic Sedition
    Theocratic Sedition

    Lol Outlaw!

  • fakesmile

    thanks open mind. its called lake jumping and its a blast. id suggest you didnt do it with oprah on the bars tho. my point is that even tho the one balled wonder is a cheater, it will not change the fact that i will continue to enjoy riding. next month someone else will do something stupid in sports/entertainment, and we will all forget who lance WAS. peace, luv, out.

  • tiki

    never was the least bit impressed with the dude.................who really gives a bleep

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