Has the Governing Body Learned Their Lesson From Longtime Witness A. H. Macmillan,

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  • frankiespeakin

    To Quote the Governing Body excuse/apology/justification :


    Jehovah’s Witnesses have had wrong expectations about when the end would come. Like Jesus’ first-century disciples, we have sometimes looked forward to the fulfillment of prophecy ahead of God’s timetable. ( Luke 19:11; Acts 1:6; 2 Thessalonians 2:1, 2 ) We agree with the sentiment of longtime Witness A. H. Macmillan, who said: “I learned that we should admit our mistakes and continue searching God’s Word for more enlightenment.”

    Does any one really beleive the Governing Body agrees about the need to admit mistakes they have made? Why then do they disfellowship people who tell them about mistakes they have made?

    And I wonder also if by "searching God's word for more enlightenment" means trying to find another date when the 1st one failed and then trying to find another date in the bible when that one failed, keep looking in the bible for dates? or was enlightenment in Macmillan's words something else?

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    They don't care about learning lessons or admitting mistakes. They disfellowship people who point out their mistakes because of UNITY old chap. UNITY is the most important thing to those who stand to lose the most by a loss of UNITY. If a few upstarts who threaten the precious (said in Gollum voice) UNITY are sacrificed, then so be it, it is in the interests of the majority.

  • Bob_NC

    Maybe this is being used as a warm up for future obvious needed admissions of "Err well, we made another mistake..."

    You know it's coming. Just a matter of when and how. Come on Brother Herd. Brother Jackson? Lett?

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    of course not! Mac was a scoundrel and a puppet of Rutherford as best i understand it. They just trotted out some words from his book they got him to write as propaganda to make the rank and file feel cosy. 99.99% have probably never read his 'story'. oz

  • Listener

    If this is a warm up to 'new light' then why won't they admit their misunderstandings now. They did not need to come up with a new interpretation and they shouldn't do that in a hurry anyway. But if they know now that some interpretation is wrong then they should be admitting to it straight away. That is what an honest, humble and moral person would do.

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    Who read "Faith On The March" here? I read the book, last time I looked on Ebay it was $500.00 a copy. A.H. appeared to be more human than our Governing Body, the infallibile men of NY.

  • punkofnice

    I started reading FotM but it's boring and just spin so I stopped.

    I believe that every time the GB get something wrong (bear with me here, I know...), they should be tazered 144,000 times on their ging gangs.

    That'd make them more careful.

    Nah, sod it! electric chair for them!

  • suavojr

    I have read "Faith On The March", it does not come even close to the writings of Ray Franz. Although after reading it I do believe A.H Macmillan new the truth behind the WT but did not have the strength or Faith to fight for a change.

  • designs

    I have Faith On The March, my mother's copy. Macmillian would stay at my grandparents home in San Bernardino Ca. on his visits to the West Coast. My mother remembers him as having a good sense of humor and funny.

  • Pyramid Scheme
    Pyramid Scheme

    “I learned that we should admit our mistakes and continue searching God’s Word for more enlightenment.”

    Translation: Those dates were wrong, lets make up some new ones! He didn't even listen to his own words.

    Right from his Wikipedia page:

    At a convention at Saratoga Springs, NY , on September 27–30 1914, Macmillan, believing that "the church was "going home" in October", he announced that "This is probably the last public address I shall ever deliver because we shall be going home soon.

    Following the convention, at a meeting at the Brooklyn headquarters, Russell announced: "The Gentile Times have ended; their kings have had their day," and added that, "At 10:30 Sunday morning Brother Macmillan will give us an address." Those present laughed about Macmillan's previous announcement of his "last public address"; in the subsequent talk, Macmillan acknowledged, "some of us had been a bit too hasty in thinking that we were going to heaven right away". Despite his expectations for October 1914, Macmillan remained committed to the Watch Tower Society.

    In 1919, the New York Times characterized Macmillan's address to a meeting of Bible Students as proposing a "new date for the Millennium" in the year 1925.

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