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    21 Although raising the question about the "faithful and discreet slave," Jesus was in no doubt about who this "slave" was. Jesus doubtless had in mind that "servant" of Jehovah God, that "Israel of God." There would be no mistake in fixing upon that composite "servant." With the price of his own blood he had bought that Israel of God as his slave, and in the illustration given in his prophecy he could refer to it as a composite "slave," one that would prove "faithful and discreet." Since Jesus spoke of this "slave" in his prophecy concerning the "sign of [his] presence and of the conclusion of the system of things," did that composite "faithful and discreet slave" first come into existence during his "presence" or parousia from 1914 onward?

    22 No; for Jesus' illustration portrays the lord of the "slave" as going away, as a "man traveling abroad that left his house and gave the authority to his slaves." (Mark 13:34) So the "faithful and discreet slave" is one "whom his master appointed over his domestics, to give them their food at the proper time." (Matthew 24:45) It was more than nineteen hundred years ago, at his ascension to heaven, that the "master" of the composite "slave" went away, leaving the "slave" with instructions to feed the "domestics." (Matthew 28:16-20) The "domestics" were not the family of the master but were his "domestic servants" (H. A. W. Meyer) or his "household staff." (New English Bible) They ( domestics ) were slaves,just the same as the "faithful and discreet slave" charged with feeding them. Thus they were all a body of slaves, and were all subject to the same "master." All were obligated to be "faithful and discreet."

    23 Jesus' illustration began fulfillment at his departure in the year 33 C.E., and the composite "slave" has been existing since then, namely, "the Israel of God," the spirit-begotten, anointed congregation of Christ the membership of which will finally reach 144,000. (Revelation 7:4-8; 14:1-3) The historical records show that at the beginning of the invisible parousia of the "master" at the end of the Gentile Times in 1914 there was still a remnant of this "slave" class on earth. Consequently, the composite "slave" has lived to see the "sign" of the Master's parousia or "presence."

    The following is from THANKS BRO!!!

    "If we were following a man undoubtedly it would be different with us; undoubtedly one human idea would contradict another and that which was light one or two or six years ago would be regarded as darkness now;... But with God there is no variableness, neither shadow of turning, and so it is with truth; any knowledge or light coming from God must be like its author. A new view of truth never can contradict a former truth. "New Light" never extinguishes older "light" but adds to it..." Zion's Watch Tower 1881 Feb pp.3,188

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Wasn't the first Israel, Jacob, the ancient Israelites, the Israel of God. How many Israels can there be?

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    There's the literal Israel and then there's the spiritual Israel. The Jehovah's Witnesses are the "spiritual" Israel. So..........

    Anytime you see a prophecy that refers to "Judah" or "Jerusalem" or "Israel," think "Jehovah's Witnesses" and "New York," particularly as they pertain to Armageddon. The "beast" in Revelation -- the one who's supposed to come down on Judah and Jerusalem in the battle of Armegeddon (see Zechariah 12-14) -- is actually going to be attacking the JWs and New York.

    But what of the real Jerusalem and the real Jews, and the actual place name Armageddon? Mere spiritual representations! God cast off his people long ago. Now they may as well be Swedes or Chinese. Besides, Israel wasn't formed until 1947, and by then the whole spiritual representation thing had been established. It would have been embarrassing to declare "new light" and toss the ball to the Jews.

    Now when Jehovah returns and his feet in that day will stand upon the Mount of Olives, which will split in twain, that will probably be the Empire State Building or maybe even the HQ building itself. If you interpreted it to be the literal Mount of Olives...well, that's why you're not allowed to interpret scripture. The slave sees all, knows all.

    One thing puzzles me, though. The GB says it doesn't receive revelation, but it does claim to be a "spirit-led" organization. Once the spirit begins to lead you, though, isn't that revelation?



    I just saw this article when I was going through the CD library. Another example of contradictory ideas. I thought i had better post it for anyone interested in yet another example of old light that was required to be accepted for salvation...

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    breakfast of champions

    More good material for Family Study Night

  • breakfast of champions
  • pixel

    Holy cow! This is gold!! thanks Data-Dog!!

    We see that the new light isn't so new. Since 1973 it's been up in the air. And they just presented this idea that David H. Splane loved so much as if it was brand new from heaven!!

    Holy cow! What a find!

    You see, the GB/FDS/WT loves to ask questions and them introduce the correct idea, as in:

    Since Jesus spoke of this "slave" in his prophecy concerning the "sign of [his] presence and of the conclusion of the system of things," did that composite "faithful and discreet slave" first come into existence during his "presence" or parousia from 1914 onward?

    After this, people will say: "uh, this might make sense", but them the GB/FDS/WT, says no! is the other way around. Freaking 39 years had to pass for them to go back to the "drawing table" and accept the "teaching" that they disregarded as false in first place. (I believe the former teaching, and the new are not correct. It's just a parable GB/FDS/WT! don't you read?)

    And to think that the GB/FDS/WT would have disfellowshipped you back in 1973 if you thought that this teaching were correct.

    This begs the question: Why did they have to introduce this idea in first place to later say that is not correct? Maybe since 1973 they were some members of the GB/FDS/WT that were trying to change this teaching?

    I would like to see if they mention this book when the touch on the subject in an upcoming magazine explaining the new-but-not-so-new light.

    God let them to be in the dark for 39 years when they were so close...

    Freaking crazy.

  • tornapart

    Thanks DD. Must remember that for my newly awakening friend!


    Theocratic Ministry School Review

    February 2003

    Question 13:

    13. Multiple Choice: The faithful and discreet slave mentioned by Jesus at Matthew 24:45-47 is (a) the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses; (b) all anointed Christians as a group on earth at any given time; (c) Jesus Christ himself.

    This slave supplies spiritual food at the proper time to the "domestics," who represent (a) anointed ones as individuals; (b) the other sheep; (c) all readers of Christian publications. The Master appointed the slave over all his belongings in the year (a) 1914; (b) 33 C.E.; (c) 1919

    Here is another gem! For the first part of the question answering A in 2003 would be incorrect. Insisting on this viewpoint would make one guilty of rushing ahead, and if you continued to persist in believing ( not promoting,just privately believing ) this, you would be an apostate. In 2013 answering B would be incorrect with the same possible outcome of apostasy and being DF'd for gangrenous speech.

    For the second part, answering B ( other sheep ) would have been incorrect in 2003. Persisting in a belief not sanctioned by the FDS would have been an indicator of your mentally diseased state of mind. Now in 2013 you would need a new choice entirely. D) ALL OF THE ABOVE To answer in any other manner would show that you were not keeping pace with the Organization.

    The final question is also a fine gem of truth! I believe the new interpretation is that the FDS/GB was appointed over the domestics in 1919, and are awaiting the appointment over all the belongings. Please correct me if I am wrong. Anyway it doesn't matter because it will change soon and you must believe it or face the consequences...

  • pixel

    Damn. just damn (Excuse my language). I think that a fraction of the GB/FDS/WT was trying to push that idea, and another fraction was oppose to it, so maybe that's why they had to make sure it was incorrect to teach it. I mean, wow!, think of it this way:

    These people, the GB/FDS/WT were saying that a teaching was wrong when supposely was right all along. I guess Bible light takes its time to travel the universe and reached earth by 2012, 39 years later. I can't wait for the spin they will put to this "not-so-new-light whrn it comes out in the WT.


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