The woman who fell in the crack.

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  • Glander
  • Glander

    We turned on our local (Portland, OR) news this morning at 6 am to see coverage of a rescue in progress for a woman who had slipped down 20 feet between two brick walls about 10 inches apart. Gave me claustrophobia just watching the rescue which took about 4 hours.

  • mamochan13

    REminds me of that baby that fell in the well all those years ago. Crazy.

  • Glander

    Still don't know how she managed to get wedged into the 'tween space but it has been announced that her name is "Anita Mann."

    Something strange going on.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I saw some news item that a woman was wedged between two walls. Dogs and cats do it. I suppose a human can. How I do not know?

    Was this a serious situation or a humorous one?

  • Glander

    It was very gripping during the rescue as they described all the potential for severe injuries, blood pooling, hypothermia, etc. Once she was freed and checked out OK at the hospital the odd circumstances have led to a lot of jokes about the "wall" flower named Anita Mann, the "wall to wall" TV coverage and the Obama voter who slipped between the cracks in the system, etc. began.

    Still waiting to hear how she got in there (and why) at 3 in the morning on a very cold night.

  • james_woods
    Still waiting to hear how she got in there (and why) at 3 in the morning on a very cold night.

    Perhaps beverage alcohol somehow played a part?

  • RubaDub

    When I saw this thread I immediately thought she had imploded.

    Rub a Dub

  • Glander

    Rub - If you fell in a crack, well... pretty scary...

  • OnTheWayOut

    So, Anita Mann was rescued. I wonder if Heywood Jablomee was there.

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