Does fear of death equate to need for God?

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  • caliber
    Fear of death has never been a reason for my faith.

    Is wondering what the purpose in life is.... fear ? Wanting your life to mean something ?

    If you have reasons to both love God and to fear Him, is there a need to separate out your intentions at any given time?

    Can you only love your mate if you have fear of losing them ?

    Is Godly fear or dreadful fear one in the same ?

  • gone for good
    gone for good

    Being raised on a farm has been a real asset.

    As a little kid,helping with the livestock, you witness diverse and amazing cycles of life and death.

    I doubt if many farm kids have to enquire as to were babies come from!

    And so many ways to die - and certainly no guarantes that we'll all live long, or die old and tired like grandma or the family dogs.

    Absolutely no necessity nor insinuation of an afterlife in the natural world, but what a joy to live our part - passing the love and preparations of our ancestors on to bless our children and theirs...

    Works perfectly.

  • Satanus

    I agree, the prime directive of evolution is staying alive, at least long enough to reproduce. This directive doesn't go away after reproduction, however. In humans something that is labeled the ego developed. The ego can die in many ways, even if the body doesn't. The ego fights all those possible virtual deaths. Many religious people don't realize that they have an ego, a mental image which they have constructed, a faulse identity, really.


  • jgnat

    It has occurred to me, Satanus, that writing is one way to fight the ultimate annihalation.

  • Vanderhoven7

    For the Christian, everything concerning the afterlife depends on the resurrection of the first fruit. For those convinced of Christ's resurrection, the fear of death should increasingly lose it's grip.

  • Satanus

    'For those convinced of Christ's resurrection, the fear of death should increasingly lose it's grip.'

    The converse is true, too. Losing faith raises death fear. Hence the need to desperately cling to faith. It adds an extra layer of insulation.


  • PSacramento

    There are teo things that never entered the Christian equation for me:

    Death ( never held any fear or issues for me and still doesn't)

    Fearing God ( never have and never will fear God).


    “Fear of death has never been a reason for my faith.



    tec/Tammy - Having read hundreds of your posts, I would like to make a friendly observation. The reason for your faith seems to be a noble desire to justify seeing life as a positive and worthwhile endeavour that will work out perfectly and all come right in the end. I admire your optimism. I tend to see life as a fragile and unpredictable journey that rests on a wing and a prayer.

    That’s one hell of a leap for an atheist.

  • PSacramento

    Puny mortals and your fear of death !!!
    BWWAAHHH !!!

    *flies off via buttocks power*


    PSacramento You really are too good for this place - I would add that I enjoy life and when one enjoys life they don't want it to end - but it has to.

    Death is not to be feared, it's just a disappointing end to a life well lived.

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