JWs have not "disfellowshipped" anyone publicly in several years

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  • wannaexit

    When I was a kid, i remember disfellowshipping announcement included the reason: " Bro Joe Blow has been disfellowshipped for fornication". "Sis and Bro IKnow are disfellowshipped for apostasy.

    Later they refrained to tell the congregation the reason" "Bro Joe Blow has been disfellowshipped from the christian congregation".

    At present, they don't even call the person brother or sister: "Joe Blow is no longer a jehovah's witness".

    The congregation however is always made aware of the reason. A few weeks after the fact, a local needs talk will be given , names will he withheld but enough specifics will be outlined, and generally the rank and file will figure it all out.

    As for the treatment of inactive ones--that's been going on for a while and the religion tacitly endorses it.

    I hate this religion.

  • jookbeard

    the old way IIRC was "John Smith has been disfellowshipped for conduct unbecoming to a Christian ?! so DA and DF's are both simply announced as John Smith is no longer a JW? TBH we never had a DA in our congs.

  • undercover

    Later that day, during lunch, Katty, an inactive deaf Witness, approached Gabriela to ask about the convention. Gabriela replied frankly: “It was beautiful! But now as a baptized Witness, I want to stay faithful to Jehovah. So I must let you know that I can’t be your friend anymore because you live an unclean life. Being your friend can affect my friendship with God. You need to change. It’s important to pray to Jehovah and also to talk with the elders. I know you can change for the better.” Thanks to Gabriela’s forthright but loving admonition, Katty talked with the elders, received spiritual help, and became active in theministry once again.

    This is new to me. The implied counsel of shunning inactive ones. This one paragraph doesn't give us any info on Katty, the inactive JW, other then being deaf. Nothing about smoking, drugs, shacked up, partying, etc. Just that she is inactive. And Gabriela had to go out of her way to make a point of letting Katty know that her devotion to being a JW was more important than being friends with her...or using good manners.

    And then the WTS writer actually gives kudos to Gabriela for being a right c***.

    But notice that it doesn't say that Katty and Gabriela became friends once again. It says Katty became active in the ministry again. And that's all that's important to the WTS. Obedience and service. Even to the point of influencing active JWs to shun, unfriend and belittle inactive members.

    Fucking cult.

  • RayPublisher

    @Undercover - I agree. And they don't tell you what the "unclean life" is, or how Gabriela would even know about it. If Katty is not at meetings, how could she? And if Katty was out there bar-hopping or whatever, shouldn't the elders be the ones confronting her, not innocent little Gabby?

  • BluesBrother

    In the above experience from the Yearbook......If "Katty" is really deaf, then "Gabriella" must be a damn good deaf-signer to convey all of that......

  • Londo111

    I remember about a decade ago, a CO applied Haggai 2:11-14 to being unclean. Basically, the view was that if a person’s service was not quality and quantity enough, they were unclean. It had nothing to do with lifestyle, and more to do with adhering to the Society’s prescribed system of works.

  • CADSkin

    and The Betty Ford Center is used for exhaustion. Everyone still gets the meaning.

  • sd-7

    Even when I was still in, this change in protocol stuck out to me as an obvious means of protecting the Society from legal liability for the actions of any current or former JWs. Of course it hadn't occurred to me just how big a deal that issue really was, except the fact that they have so many rules that are designed for a similar purpose--to protect the WTS from liability.

    I wonder what it sounded like, hearing my name from the platform. I didn't go that night. My mom actually had the nerve to show up for it; why she would want to be there is beyond me, really, I would think she would've been embarrassed. But I guess it's the opportunity to try to make up for my apparent 'mistakes', I don't know.

    That Yearbook quote is an example of how tissue paper-thin friendships really are in the org. If someone was asking about the convention, why does that become a reason to lay into them about something they did? One would think that would be a good opportunity to encourage someone, not to shun and condemn them without even knowing what's in their heart.

    I think the thing they don't get is that what they do actually drives people farther away from God. Who would willingly tolerate being treated this way without going into depression or else saying to heck with it? It reaches a point where it becomes hard to imagine adults behaving this way towards each other.

    Calls to mind the little sit-down I had with the elders, who showed up uninvited one Saturday. I told them that I felt the judicial committee process showed me a side of the organization I had never seen before, and that the committee really soured me on ever coming back. The elder's only response was that I needed to 'accept the discipline'. I guess it didn't occur to him--or matter, really--that it was handled in a very unloving and manipulative way.

    Well...nothing like old memories. I guess what undercover said. Effing cult.


  • RayPublisher

    @SD-7 - And you and I and so many more on here are free of it- F R E E and we can move on. I am getting a clearer head every day and have and less mental space/energy to give to these knuckleheads.

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