JWs have not "disfellowshipped" anyone publicly in several years

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  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I think a few changes helps to show how banal and sick they are:

    Later that day, during lunch, Katty, an inactive

    deaf knitter, approached Gabriela to ask about

    the craft show. Gabriela replied frankly: “It was

    beautiful! But now as a professional knitter, I want to

    stay faithful to wool. So I must let you know

    that I can’t be your friend anymore because you use Nylon.

    Being your friend can affect my

    status in the craft. You need to change. It’s important

    to get back to wool and also to talk with

    the senior knitters. I know you can change for the better.”

    Thanks to Gabriela’s forthright but loving admonition,

    Katty talked with the senior knitters, received a new ball of wool

    , and became active in knitting once again.

  • stillin

    That is such a beautiful story Aussie. It brought tears to my eyes

  • problemaddict

    Here is what I don't understand. How is it that the new announcement protects their liability at all, if you have told them you want to remain one of Jehovah's Witnesses?

    I mean the action produces the same result. You are being told you are not something, against your will (in the case of a fader or objector etc...).

    So why is it, that you can simply "think" differently, decide that you will not change that thought, and they can make it a capital offense for any one of your friends and family to speak to you? I just can't get over how it is LEGAL. There has to be a way to fight it. I mean this is freaking America (its freaking America where I am at at least).

  • Londo111

    Cults do not respect their member's rights and freedoms, but with their Legal Department they use these same freedoms to maintain control.

  • problemaddict

    ^^^^Cannot an individual member of the nation the Constitution stands for have the same?

    For example, a religious service could not include a human sacrifice. That is not protected. Why? Because life is. So why can you be communally shunned and "bullied", when they are not actually expressing "your wishes", and it is just ok?

    Look I have a couple extra dollars, and you can be sure if anyone tries to disfellowship me, my lawyer and I will be very busy and make sure every media outlet knows what is going on.

  • Londo111

    I agree 100%. This is mostly why we are all here in mutual support, because of the Stick they carry.

    Unfortunately, they’ve gone to Court and won this. Just look at what happened to Barbara Anderson.

    Of course, they will turn around and claim to the public that it is members of her family who individually have decided to shun her, deflecting the blame from themselves.

  • steve2

    The reason no announcement is now made publically from the platform (a kingdom hall after all is a publically accessible venue) is to remove even the very slightest likelihood that the named individual cannot allege the local elders publically slandered his or her good name and reputation. It would not be too big a stretch for an aggrieved individual to convince a Court of law that the public announcement sealed their fate by sullying their name and public reputation.

  • okage

    i noticed no one seemed to notice the wts toot their own horn. it could have simply read that katty wanted to talk to gabriela as a friend. but they had her ask about the convention so they could say it was beautiful.

    highlight the beauty of an indoctrination course that begs witnesses for extra money but do it subtle so its an afterthought.

    after all the point is to instruct witnesses to shun the inactive for whatever reason. they could take time to put in the quip about the convention but not what katty was doing to be considered unclean. so now the typical jdub just associates inactive with unclean.

    might sound angry but sometimes i wish the governing body idolized the branch davidians.

  • 2+2=5

    RayPublisher you have a pm

  • man oh man
    man oh man

    Yeah the shunning of inactive ones is on! An inactive brother (which has mental problems and should be inactive) has had me bringing him literature for a couple years. I was just told by two elders that he needs to come to the hall and get it himself. These are some seriously loving people. NOT

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