My 66th birthday is today!!

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  • Terry


    Just noticed you are no longer on my FB friends list

    News to me! I plead not guilty!

    Phizzy:You're looking damn good for a guy with that much water under the bridge , or is that photo in the O.P your younger brother ?

    Taken with an iPhone camera. You know how distorted tiny cameras are. I'm an only child (although the word "child" hardly applies any more:)

  • Pterist

    Terry, How was the Chile Rellanos ? No heart burn I hope LOL ;)

  • BorgHater
  • Bangalore


  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Terry, I hope you had a great birthday. Please answer the following questions. Thank you!


    1-Did your birthday "wishes" come true?

    2-Was the Fire Dept called to put out your cake?

    3-Seriously, when you had the indigestion from the chile, did you think; "Oh, this is it!"

    4-You realize I'm just kidding, Terry! DO YOU NEED ME TO SPEAK LOUDER??

    5-Can you see this? I mean, can you see this without your glasses? I'm sorry for teasing, but it's genetic. (LOL)

  • donny

    Happy #66!!

  • coffee_black

    Happy Birthday!!!


  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    Happy birthday Terry good to see you looking so well or as we say around these parts you are looking in fine fettle.

    Many of them and long may you reign.

  • Terry

    In answer to all the cheeky questions:

    My cake didn't burn to the ground from excess candles. I don't actually like cake. I had Chile Rellanos instead and it was hot!

    I can hear you just fine. Surprisingly my physical abilities all function properly, thank you.

    One's general constitution and health are largely a matter of lucky genetics.

    I'm among the very lucky. Tall, slim, powerful lungs, high energy, happy-go-lucky temperament, etc.

    The irritating diminished capactiy is recalling names with lightning speed. Tis gone! I have to squint, and ummm and uhhhh before the darned information drops out like a gumball out of a jammed machine!

    I suppose that is a small price to pay for 3 score and six years running amok on planet Earth. (This IS earth--right??)

  • tiki

    nice thread and hope for a very good year for you, terry!! you look and come across as very healthy in body, mind and spirit! keep up the good work and your "bloated" postings!

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