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  • not bitter
    not bitter

    One of the mums on this forum is complaining about dubs knocking her door. She won’t answer the door because they unintentionally upset her very much the last time they called which was a few years back. Apparently she answered the door and the witness ladies opening statement, with a lovely smiling face, was

    What a lovely home you have and a beautiful garden, such a nice neighbourhood. How lucky you are. (not sure she would have used the term luck though)

    Anyway this householder burst into tears and shut the door on them and has refused to answer the door to them ever since. Reason she got so upset was because she had just given birth to a severely disabled child who was not expected to live long. She says she can’t believe that people can come around making statements like that to complete strangers on their own door steps without knowing a thing about them.

    I’m now reading through the thread and learning about peoples views on JW’s and other religious cold callers.

    I can almost imagine using that opening statement myself when going door to door many years ago. Or something similar.

  • carla

    Post this for her and everybody else! the cease & desist letter-- she must send it once every year, perhaps with her Christmas cards? It does work to keep them away.




    Watchtower Bible and Tract Society

    25 Columbia Heights

    Brooklyn, Ny 11201-2483


    Dear Sirs,

    Please notify all members of your congregation that consent, implied or otherwise, to visit my property at the address stated above for any purpose relating

    to the work of Jehovah's Witnesses or the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society has been revoked.

    I will consider any future visits to be an act of willful trespass and may prosecute to the full extent of the law, civil or criminal.

    You must not visit on the pretense of 'updating records'. Check the electoral roll for up to date ownership information.

    Notice has also been served to my local congregation located in the area of ________________________________________________________.

    I shall hold you both severally and jointly liable for any infratction of this notice to 'cease and desist'.

    You have been

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    A friend of mine has a child with Down's Syndrome and a Witness at her door asked her if she wished her child was normal!!!!!!!!!!

  • wasblind

    Maybe the Witness was a convert, and made a slip usin' the word lucky

    when I attended the hall, " friends " who I became close to would give

    me a nudge whenever I used that word.

    It's a hard habit to break when you have said it all your life

    and never connected it as bein' an all out offense to God or anyone else

    who in their right mind walk around thinkin' bein' lucky is an all out sin

    except for a Jehovah's witness !!!!!!!

    If they think that word is offensive

    I could have turned that Kingdom Hall out wit' some four letter words and ended

    wit' a five letter word that began wit' a " B "and ended wit " itches "

    Instead, I took a deep breath, and chilled



    That is so offensive! I've worked with someone who was happy to keep a mum on the doorstep when it was freezing cold with a crying baby in the background - she was desperate to close the door and attend to her baby but it was proving difficult. So little consideration.


  • moshe

    This letter only has to be sent once--

    Dear Watchtower-

    I live at 1313 Mockingbird lane, - I am a rabid ex-JW apostate and I would love for your members and pioneers to continue calling at my home.

    Thank you,


  • wasblind

    Hey Moshe,

    The WTS is so stupid, they wouldn't have watched the Munsters

    long enough to know that was not a real address

    Granpa and Lily were bloodsuckers

    The WTS forbade the sheep to watch such

    Great example letter though


  • jgnat

    I have seen written suggestions to find ways to relate to the householder by noting the condition of the lawn, the house, and so on. Because the WTS doesn't really allow time or opportunity to know their neighbours, do they? They are working too hard to keep separate from the "world". How can they have a meaningful conversation under those conditions?

    I had a long career as a civil servant and had ultimately been promoted to a responsible position. I love my job. A pioneer at the hall, in an attempt to relate, asked what I did for a living, and then noted that they had a good benefit program. I was immediately offended. What she did not know is that the Jehovah's Witness I had hired went on long-term disability as soon as her probation was over. There is such as thing as having a productive, stimulating, and challenging "worldly" career and still be a "spiritual" person. Do Witnesses understand this?

  • wasblind


    Great salesmen they are, look around to find out what they think

    the householder need to hear

    And then sell them the product in a way to fit the need

  • joyfulfader

    all that needs to be done is post a no trespassing sign. jw's r instructed to not go to homes with these signs or they r on their own legally. even the most uber elder pioneer in my former hall skipped those houses. we took addresses to write but never went to the houses.

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