What argument is there for a single God?

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  • EntirelyPossible

    Qcmbr, there is no argument that has any support other than something someone made up and there is no arument that has any backing of evidence or proof.

  • Tiktaalik

    There is absolutely no evidence for any god. Not one shred. Only what some people think, feel or believe.

    There is however, abundant cosmological evidence that explains the creation of the universe. Just as there is abundant evidence that shows the biological evolution of life on Earth.

  • mP

    In short none. If you believe the universe needs a creator, then the argument is circular because who creates the creator, its circular.

  • glenster

    The Beatles have had more number one singles than any other musical group.

    Paul McCartney's hits with Wings are credited to "Wings" even though many of
    them were released as "Paul McCartney & Wings". McCartney's total is only from
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  • 00DAD

    Do you mean as opposed to a married God?

    Sex is really excellent. I think God'd want some too, don't you?

  • 2+2=5

    Paul McCartney is God. Everything suddenly makes sense.

  • gubberningbody

    Why is it even important to ask the question?

    Isn't it more important to ask about the morality of creating a universe predicated on carnivorous behavior? Life eating life?

    Any moral deity worth a "sacrifice" wouldn't ask for one and wouldn't create a universe like this one.

  • return of parakeet
    return of parakeet

    Who are the multiple Mormon gods you speak of, Qcmbr? And what argument is there that any of them exist? And why are they necessary for the Mormon religion to "work"?

  • prologos

    tiktaalik: WHAT "abundant cosmological evidence that explains the CREATION of the universe"? examples please!

    Creation without a creator?

    Sex is great, and is the singular great TOOL required for EVOLUTION.

    New stuff is best done by a single tinkerer. eh, god.

    what is easier, making one God or many?

    So, a (beyond our mental grasp) eternal Creator invented sex to use evolution to bring about diverse abundent life on this planet.

    Carnivors? if you eat, you must be prepared to be eaten. Excrements are faster fertilizer than rotten corpses.

    Dont argue, the system works.

    willing to learn, experiment.

  • Sulla

    Then why create something disharmonious? If the initial state is perfect harmony and then you purposefully create a universe which is less than you ( Satan was prior to the Fall) are you not intentionally diminishing yourself and rejecting your own perfection. Was this triune being more or less after the atonement?

    Why, indeed? The Christian thinking is that God is love and did all that because he loves us. Doesn't make sense, of course, but that's the way love is.

    As for the diminishing thing, the Christian concept of God is that he is that than which nothing greater can be conceived. What that means is that he is the thing that can't be added to or taken away from.

    He isn't the greatest being, like Zeus or something, because Zeus and a turkey sandwich is greater than Zeus by himself. The Christian God isn't like that: God plus creation isn't greater (or less than) than God by himself. It's a different concept of God than most JWs are used to working with -- really than most people are used to working with. But there it is.

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