Just dropped my Mom off at the Kingdom Hall...

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  • Jewel

    We live about half an hour from the Kingdom Hall. We had some snow last night and the roads are a little "iffy". I didn't want my 83 yo mother driving on her own so I brought her in and dropped her off. Some thoughts:

    1. I told her I'd drop her off, but I wasn't going to "sit in". She said that going to the meeting wouldn't hurt me. She was wrong about that.

    2. When we drove into the parking lot and there were people walking in with their book bags and dress coats, I literally felt a little nauseous.

    3. There is a tiny, tiny part of me that feels sad. While the elders were a bunch of egomaniacal douches when I was a good Witness girl in my teens, there were lots of wonderful people in our congregation who functioned as an extended family for us. Since I didn't really have any worldly friends in school, that was also where I spent time with my peers. I wonder what happened to some of them.

    4. There is a much bigger part of me that is VERY glad that I'm sitting here at McDonald's sipping a Coke and getting some paperwork done.

    5. I wonder if I should feel guilty for serving as an enabler for this cult. But, my mom is 83, has been a Witness most of her adult life, depends on her congregation as her own social outlet, and clings to this goofy religion like it's a lifeline. So, I'm an enabler.

    6. I wonder why the heck McDonald's does provide wi-fi but does not provide any electrical outlets.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    6. I wonder why the heck McDonald's does provide wi-fi but does not provide any electrical outlets.

    Because then you could sit there all day getting free wifi for the price of a coffee?

  • jgnat

    You are doing right by your mom. Don't worry about it. The Vancouver airport has outlet strips behind the waiting room chairs. Very thoughtful of them.

  • cantleave

    If you ever visit the Isle of Wight there is a Maccy Dee next to the Kingdom Hall

  • happy@last
    [email protected]

    You may be feeling worse had she gone without your help and had an accident, don't be too hard on yourself. It's her choice, her social club

  • sillygirl2013

    Jewel, don't be too hard on yourself.

    There are some things that cannot be changed, especially for the ones that have been in the borg too long to know anything else. You might be an enabler, but you do want to do what's best. In the end, we just need to be there for our loved ones - and if that's what it takes so be it. We're not the ones that want to shun, they are. By "they", I don't mean the majority of nice people caught in it (they have no choice in their eyes) but the borg that makes them do it. We'll just finally live our lives the best we can, won't we :-)

    Good luck with everything.

  • heathen

    Yah right you should go to the meeting to be shunned , wonderful , at least micky D acknowledges your pressence

  • jookbeard

    make sure you have a fully charged battery when going to free WiFi outlets

  • gingerbread

    My own situation mirrors your's in many ways. Remember that life is indeed short and good relationships and friends are gifts that make life full. You're doing the right thing with your mom - if that's what she wants. I'm trying to make time to just visit with my parents as often as possible - nothing special....sometimes just dropping by - showing them that I'm here for them.

    I suspect that the really nice folks that you grew up with at the Hall were good - not necessarily because of the religion - but because they were just really good people. The idiots in the hall - elders, elders wives, other kids - usually just wind up being....well..."idiots."

    I too can feel sad when I think about things - I'm in the middle of the fading process. Or maybe it's just a general disappointment with the realities of "the Truth".

  • Pink sapphire
    Pink sapphire

    How nice that you can still support your mum but yet stand by your own beliefs.

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