Is it wrong to stay in?

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  • confusedteenager

    I feel like, I don't believe in the majority of what the GB teaches, but all of my friends and family are invested in this organization and I feel it would be easier on me to just play the part and continue going through the motions then try to leave right now. Is this taking the coward way out?

    I just feel like I wouldn't have much to look forward if I stepped away.


    Are you a legal adult? Are you mentally and emotionally ready to live on your own? My advice is to be shrewd. Prepare now for what you need later. There is no rush, right? Finish school ( if you have not ). Look into more education so that you can support yourself later. Make some friends outside of the WTBTS, there are caring people out there. Just don't go off half-cocked without a plan. If you still live at home then take advantage of it and start saving your money. Just plan ahead, and keep learning TTATT. There are many caring people on this site who are very " worldly " wise. Take advantage of the free information and help.

    Is it wrong to stay in? I would say that ultimately the answer is yes. Do you have to leave right now? No. The fact that you are awake will help to protect you as you plan your next moves.

  • Satanus

    'Is this taking the coward way out?'

    No, it isn't. You sound like you might still be too young to be out, on your own. Compromizing at this point, might give you long term advantages. It's part of the bargaining process that we often need to do to get the best results.


  • moshe

    If you are single- do not stay in and marry a JW- you see that would be dishonest and you will get found out.In a year you may feel differently about being a fake JW.

  • transhuman68

    Maybe there is no right or wrong, in the sense that the Witnesses are a religion- an alternative view of reality; a dream world filled with gods and devils & demons; and a mythical Armageddon event on the horizon. There is no connection between reality, and the Witness worldview- so they are not even wrong- BS doesn't apply in the real world. As long as you realise that their doctrine in just meaningless rhetoric, and all the advice you ever will be given at the KH is wrong; and that ultimately the whole thing is a waste of time, you will be o.k.

  • shamus100

    For me personally? Yes, it would be wrong to stay in. I would never support any 'organization' that willingly hides child molesters and dismisses victims as walking corpses and if they don't like being 'mistreated' then 'think of Job' and his trials and tribulations... utter bullshit barfed out by a high control group trying to keep control of those still in.

    Your question one that you need to ask and to be able to answer yourself. Some people are gay and are perfectly happy living in the closet their whole lives.

  • LostGeneration

    Hey confused,

    Staying in until you are ready to leave forever is OK.. Just start slowing down in your attendance, your Field serve-us, and your talks. I would say set a firm deadline for stopping forever, and then you will have something to work toward.

    It is a mind control cult, but because of the pain they inflict upon those who leave, I see nothing wrong with using them like they have used you. Just remember its your damn life, and you are entitled to live it however you see fit.

    Don't spend one second longer than you have to inside their world, and have a great life on your own terms!

  • blondie

    I agree though that getting married to a jw (and heavens having children) will likely make leaving almost impossible but certainly much more difficult. Take your time and figure out what your want to do with your life.

    Work on being independent financially, go to school, find your own abode, get to know people at work, school, hobbies (meetup), get to know non-jw family.

  • Hortensia
    Work on being independent financially, go to school, find your own abode, get to know people at work, school, hobbies (meetup), get to know non-jw family.

    I agree.

  • whathappened

    To thyne own self be true. Take the advice above and move yourself into a position so that when you can walk away, it will at least be the best time for you. No one wants you out on the street penniless. That has happened to young jws who come out too soon. You can read their horror stories on this website.

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