Family in Ruins Lead to my Fade

by CADSkin 21 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Scott77

    Very sad and hurtful to your loved mother. Glad things are good for her now.


  • zeb

    Your mother is a tragic. she desparately requires formal counselling. Have you been able to get her to a doctor?

    This tragic situation is not likely to get better so much damage has been done.

    Please contact silent lambs or a site closer to home and find a lawyer to state the situation and get it on record and get your mum to a doctor and pronto! Do not expect her to go willingly due to to the wts built in prejudices against all formal professionals.

    Love to you.

  • zeb

    to "wha happened."

    Your words: 'and i arrived without my wife'...and the result reveal a time worn integral monstrous insecurity that is present among jw.

    So often at meetings i would hear some say "XXX is here wheres YYY (husband)" and vice versa. This was predominantly from the sisters who are insecure freaks of the first order but not only.

    How about they look at the person they are talking to and say "Nice to see you" and keep their worries about who is not there to themselves.

    Part of the pack mentality. and reading back on this file.

    Cadskin love to you but this is not over yet the wounds will be a time healind and will heal smoother better sooner with professional help.

    Love to you.

  • rebel8

    That is horrible

    I think human tendency sometimes, when given way too much power and authority than one can properly handle (not enough smarts or whatever), is to stick to unwise judgements one makes. When it becomes obvious the decision was wrong, dig in your heels. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    On a related note, my story is not nearly as bad as your mom's, but it reminded me. I had a jw boyfriend and he started dating my sister. All of my friends of many years, I suddenly realized, were hateful, spiteful, liars with small brains. Anyhoo, the elders told me I was going against Jehoopla to complain about it.

    They sat in their stupid little Back Room TM and read to me scriptures about Leah being the less-loved sisterand how that was Jehoopla's will, so this must be too, because there it was in the Bible. Asshats. That doesn't even make any damn sense, let alone it having anything at all to do with my situation.

    I was an innocent teenager, and despite years of physical and emotional abuse from my jw mother, I had no way to even comprehend or cope with everyone in my tiny world turning against me in an instant and being so incredibly mean-spirited. Remember, as dubs we were prevented from having normal teenage experiences that help one develop coping skills and social skills, such as going to school dances and such. I'm sure your mom experienced that to the power of 10.

  • whathappened

    I, too, was told I could not discuss anything about my JW husband, being threatened with disfellowshipping for slander. I asked them if it was true, how could it be slander? They said I was not to cause division in the congregation. They were totally unconcerned with the horrendous truth about one of their good fishing buddies.


    I was told that even if something was true it could still be slander...morons.

  • tiki

    such warped thinking...such cold much unnecessary misery inflicted on innocent victims...and for a few dudes can feel all self-righteous and that they have power over others lives.

  • ABibleStudent

    Hi CADSkin, I am sorry to her about your mother's situation and experiences with the elders. It sounds like she needs psychological counseling. I would visit Steve Hassan's website and locate a Cult counselor near her, who can also help her deal with her husband's infidelity.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • flipper

    CADSKIN- This is just inhumane , disgusting, and barbaric treatment your mom received. Those Fuc%ing elders should be shot and left to rot for the birds of heaven to feast on. I mean it. Just when I think I've read and heard it all- then something like this. Just disgusting. Please know we are with you in our hearts my friend. I'm glad you've exited that criminal harboring organization

  • irondork

    Disgusting story, but a happy ending. Glad your mom is doing well and glad that you are awake!

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