Does JESUS Have Wings?

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  • EntirelyPossible
  • unstopableravens

    the wt shows micheal/jesus with wings,but of course jesus is not micheal, jesus is flesh and bone,in the same body that died on the cross but glorified,maybe glorified bodys have wings lol and designs

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    According to the little book they give you for Bible study, yes, Jesus is still Michael.

    Now, is Jesus the angel on the right who's descending to the earth...the one with the beard? If so, who's that on his "six"? Gabriel? As for wings, are these only artistic representations or do the "dubs" actually believe that angels have chicken wings? Besides humans with wings being aerodynamically problematic, they look ridiculous!

    Also, do they have stabilizing feathers fanning out of their butts? Seeing them fly together must look like those flying monkeys on the Wizard of Oz.

    Of course it additionally begs another question. Will the heavenly class of humans have wings?

    I do a lot of reading of near death experiences, and in the credible stories people report that the angels they saw didn’t have wings. One account by a father who records the alleged NDE his young son had, did write that all the angels had wings. There were many other theological aspects that convinced me the account was a hoax, but the wings are what stopped me in my terrestrial tracks.

    Next we need to determine whether halos are over the head or behind the head?

  • jam

    Does Jesus have wings. Well his old man had wings, Psalms

    36;7 "hide me in the shadow of thy wings", Psalms 36;7

    take refuge in the shadow of thy wings also Psalms 57;1,

    61;4 and 63;7. Like father like son. So yes he had wings and

    the same for the 144000. Yes all spiritual creature with no

    physical body, just a pair of wings flying around.

  • mP


    All pagan gods have wings. Its an art motif so the "looker" can spot the mortal from the god.

  • fakesmile

    duh, of course he does. have you not seen the WT litter? when he wants to go incognito his psudonym is mike. our buddies call him mickey the flying senior citizen. he can turn that grey hair into a mullet when we are cruising for females. you should see the miricle he does with baking soda. we call it AWAKE powder. LOL

  • PSacramento

    OT wise, Cherabims and Serphims had wings, more than two by the way.

    That angels sometimes appeared with or without wings is also written.

    Does Jesus have wings?

    That depends on WHO and WHAT you think Jesus is of course.

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    that's jesus and his brother jorge playing tag.

  • undercover

    That ain't Jesus on the lower right. That's Kenny Rogers. And when Jehovah's chariot runs into the ditch, he'll be there to sing, "You picked the wrong time to leave me, loose wheel"

  • designs

    In Judaism the fantastic imagination of angels acheived its zenith before the destruction of their Temple. They 'looked' very much like the Egytians and Sumerians imagined their angels. This was one of the contradictions in a culture that was trying to be 'montheistic', that God has a large family of devine beings that move freely between the corporeal and incorporeal worlds. In Judaism this is known as Pamaliah Shel Ma-alah 'The Family of Heaven'.

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