Jw;s like family

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  • clarity


    NO............... or maybe also yes, if family is jw!


    Whoever will shun over a question about doctrine, or

    a lack of meeting attendance or numbers on a slip of paper...

    is not family!


    Those who pretend to care .... but who squirry away when

    they realize that you don't say "jehovah" every two minutes ...

    is not family!


  • Emery

    Certainly, I cherish and love many who are still in the Watchtower and it is especially difficult if you are/were popular in the congregation.

    The conditional love reveals itself when you choose to no longer go to the meetings or if you become irregular. I began realizing who my real friends were when I began fading, some who I considered as close as family hardly did anything to help or gain back their "spiritually weak" brother, instead they resorted to negative gossip and avoidance.

    This reminds me of something James Penton said during an interview (paraphrasing)

    "There were so many friends in the organization that I loved so much, friends who I would have given my life for, but as soon as I left, they turned on me like vipers."

  • DesirousOfChange

    In fairness to some of the JWs who are good, genuine people, one of the "conditions" that affect their "love" or friendship is the fact that the WTS holds a power over them -- they can be DFd in a flash for associating with any DF/DAd person who is not a family member.

    I think many of these JWs would ignore that rule if the consequences were not so severe for them. But WTS has intentionally made it so the cost is SO VERY HIGH. I don't think we can expect them to risk their "good standing" in the bOrg (say if they are fading or inactive) just to say HI to us.

    I think there should be some empathy for the position that they are in as well.

    FAMILY? That's another matter. Family cannot be DFd for associating with DF/DA family members. WTS talks strong about it these days, but I have never heard of them taking any action on it, other than perhaps a loss of "privileges" (and that would be a relief).


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    There were several I missed. I really did. I thought they were rather leveled headed outside of the cult. However that all ended as one by one, they shunned me. Some were really judgemental. Just making up accusations as they went

  • charlie brown jr.
    charlie brown jr.

    My Children!

    other than that...........they all stood by watchin' it happen

    never helping so .............

    2 Hell with these so called Friends!!!!!

  • Emery

    @DesirousOfChange, Yes I totally agree! Excellent post.

  • d

    I know of two Jw's that i geuinely miss, but not so much that I would return to the Jw's.

  • d

    I still stuggle at times with the emontional cult conditioning but I am getting better each day.

  • punkofnice

    Not many, only a couple.

    I think that being brought up in the cult made me incapable of real love. I know how to hate but that's about it.

  • cantleave

    They rejected me not me them. The door is still open to anyone who I was close to in the org. If they wake up I will be delighted to welcome them back into my circle of freinds!!!

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