My friend's conversation with a JW about me! Lol!

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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Living well is the best revenge.

  • shamus100

    How did praying the gay away go for you Tim?

  • TimothyT

    Shamus: Haha. When I would pray the gay away, nothing happened. I could only mask my gayness. In the end I got fed up... blah blah blah... I remember the elder showing me James 5... saying that they would pray for me. Errrr right... it doesnt work like that. Nevermind.

    Im much happier now. I am half way through a psychology course focusing on making other people's lives better by making them happy. I think I would know if my own life is happy. :D

    Incidently, the moment I stopped going to the meeting my unhappiness disappeared and Ive not been sad for a SECOND since. How about that! What a weird correlation!!!


  • Terry

    The last conversation I had with my old JW friend (who has been active for 50+ years) went this way.

    He insisted that ALL gay people were molested as children and they grew up identifying with the "power" of their molester.

    I just sat and stared at him and then asked him what actual evidence he had to substantiate such an idea.

    He confessed immediately that he DID NOT have any data but that he simply HAD TO BELIEVE it would be UNFAIR of Jehovah to condemn being gay!


    I guess if you can invent your own explanation for everything to fit your beliefs there is really not much point in talking at all!

  • Heaven

    Yeah... Watchtower's formula doesn't work too well....

    Pray More + Wait on Jehovah = Nothing Gets Done and Problems Get Worse and People Get Hurt/Ill/Dead

  • cantleave

    I remember praying the straight away, that didn't work either. I still can't dance and have no sense of fashion.

  • nugget

    you have a good friend there who was able to stand up for your rights. It is a shame the #jws just don't get it and also a shame that they were rather you were miserable..

  • tec

    Glad to hear it Tim! Good friend.

    I remember praying the straight away, that didn't work either. I still can't dance and have no sense of fashion.

    Lol... what can you do?



  • shamus100


    Isn't it funny how leaving the bashing sessions (meetings) had that immediate effect?

    You know what you want, you are young and you are going for it. I'm glad that you didn't get suckered into a loveless marriage and find out at 40 what you really are like so many in that stupid high control group. Love yourself!

  • krejames

    Nice one Tim - the truth hurts . Great reaction from your friend.

    Terry - the idea that gay people must have been molested as children is very widespread in JW-land, I've heard it so much. It was also one of the first questions I was asked by an elder I "came out" to. When I said no, he was almost convincing me that I must have been molested.

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