Gun Control, Alex Jones and Piers Morgan

by Amelia Ashton 34 Replies latest jw friends

  • kurtbethel

    Looks like Alex needs to sack his PR consultant, and go find out the meaning of the word "interview!"

    In a world where there is rational discussion that would be proper.

    These side shows are all entertainment, like throwing red meat to beasts and watching them shred it. Alex is an entertainer, who plays to those who enjoy the spectacle of the angry guy waving his arms and doing a belligerant rant with a bullhorn.

    I would rather see more of this Alex Jones.

    Alex Jones (Pic:Wales News)

  • Jomavrick

    Yes lets have the same goverment that sold guns to Mexican drug lords, lecture its law abiding citizens about gun ownership. Wow the inmates are running the assylum with President FUBAR and his Vice Buffoon. Piers Morgan I don't care about, he is a Brit and they are pissed off they let the government take thier guns away,,,,,

  • Zico

    Please don't deport Piers Morgan, we don't want him back!

  • MrFreeze

    He said he owns over 50 firearms, quoting him, "to make sure his family is safe". Over 50 firearms? If you aren't a collector or a lunatic there is no reason for anybody to have that many. Alex Jones doesn't know how to debate. He just likes to yell over the other person and avoid answering questions.

  • Berengaria

    Alex Jones is insane.

    I'd love to see the black helicopters land in his yard and confiscate all of his weapons.

  • sooner7nc

    Question: How many firearms should be permissable for someone who isn't a "collector" MrFreeze?

  • jgnat

    Two. One for each hand.

  • sooner7nc

    What if you're an octopus?

  • DavePerez

    Here's part II of that interview (the OP linked to part I):

    So, it seems Alex thought he did pretty good!

    However, some gun-toting lunatic conspiracy theorists disagree, and now suspect Alex Jones is actually a 'false flag', a CIA operative who went on Piers Morgan's show just to make gun-toting lunatic conspiracy theorists look bad.

    If you missed part II of the video, here's the complete transcript:

    AJ: (unintelligible incoherent rant)

    PM: Alex....

    AJ: (unintelligible incoherent rant)

    PM: Alex....

    AJ: (unintelligible incoherent rant)

    PM: Alex....

    AJ: And if you'd like to hear more, go to!

  • david_10

    I don't watch much TV, so I've never even heard of Piers Morgan. Or Alex Jones, for that matter. But after watching that interview, I would have to say that Mr. Jones advanced the cause of gun control by leaps and bounds. Piers handled himself with class and dignity, and didn't even hardly have to say a word. From what I've read, it appears that Alex Jones is known as a hothead with a short fuse, but I would think that he would've been told by his handlers (and I mean that in the animal sense), that a CNN interview is not the place to cut loose. That's what I would think, anyway.

    From watching this, it seems to me that Piers directed questions as a lawyer would in a courtroom when cross-examining a witness. The questions were one-sided and could elicit only one answer------------the witness either answers and looks bad, or pleads the Fifth, says nothing, and still looks bad. Mr. Jones realized his predicament and decided to go on the rampage. It looked REAL bad. Like the Biblical proverb says, one who can't control his temper is like a city whose walls have been breached and torn down. Mr. Jones was breached.

    As Mouthy and Berengaria and others mentioned, this guy is a perfect example of someone who shouldn't be allowed to own a gun. Yet somehow he owns dozens...............if he had had one of his 50 firearms with him, he might've gone postal right there in the studio. With rage like that, I'm surprised that he hasn't already gone postal.


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