PDF of elder book and Oct 1 letter to BOE's

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  • Violia

    actually you are more likely to pick up a Trojan or virus etc on the song download sites or and free shareware sites. I do go there a lot. It does not seem unbelievable that someone would leave a potential threat for someone downloading the wts material.

    I am sweet and have a cute guy at home that I can look at for free.

  • transhuman68

    I don’t think anyone here would post a link to a WTS download that they couldn’t personally guarantee was 100% o.k.

  • Big Mama
    Big Mama

    As previously mentioned: I'm no techie.....but I had computer problems after clicking on a couple of those links. In fact I just got my machine back from the repair shop....not saying I got a bug from them, just that the timing made me suspicious. My offer still stands....PM me and I'll email it to the address you leave for me. Simple, but it works.......I have gotten a much better response to this offer than i thought I might. Thanks for letting me share. Big Mama

  • Scott77

    Big Mama,

    Please, how did you get all those documents in the first place? Iam just curious. Did you work at the Watchtower Society office in New or Canada? Are you an Ex JW now or someone still within?


  • Big Mama
    Big Mama

    If I rememeber correctly they appeared on this site when Norway dumped on the WTB&TS regarding pedophilia. I had seen them all before elsewhere but never bother to pdf them as I didn't realize the society would have them removed by threatening servers with copyright infringement. They dissappeared more than once and this time I filed 'em away just in time.....they are no longer on-line as far as I know. I strongly encourage everyone I have sent the file to, to offer it up to others. The more public this horse manure gets, the more people will become disgusted and re-think their view of the organization. The Truth will win out. The real truth.

  • Big Mama
    Big Mama

    I prefer not to reveal too much about myself beyond the fact that I was in for 50+ years. I am not in any more. I've gave it all up a bit over 5 years ago, and have never regretted it......except that it has torn my family apart. That is why I do what I can to rip up the WTB&TS....if they are exposed publicly at some point, my still-blieveing family members will be forced to decide. If they still stay in, at least they won't be uneducated, blind believers as they are now. I could live easier with that.

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