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  • nolongerconfused

    Well...where do I start...

    I was raised in the truth...always knowing that there was nothing better out there besides the WT...However, recently I have a made a determination to not go "anywhere"...In all of my almost 35 years of being part of this "organization" I can honestly say I never read the Bible as I do "personal" study of the Bible has more meaning today than it ever did...After reading the Bible I have found many inconsistencies in the WT organization...I hold no grudges or hard feelings towards anyone in the organization, including the so called Governing Body...I just believe that human imperfection has taken it's toll on this organization...However, that is no excuse to act as a false prophet or assume things that only belong Jehovah and his Son...the Bible is the truth, and Jesus said such truth will set us free...I served as a pioneer all of my youth, and served as a of today I don't partake in that kind of manmade "service"... I'm truly against monthly time reports, special titles of service, asking for donations, judicial committees, among other things...some people may ask why?...well, none of these things are BIBLICAL!...some have told me, well the GB is now the faithful and discreet slave...and I say, as determined by who?...Nowhere in my personal reading of the Bible does it say that there was or there would ever be a GB...this group of men was self appointed...anything self appointed or self made up is definitely not discreet or faithful...Jesus never ever appointed such a group...

    A family member of mine passed away 2 years ago...he was never a "Witness"...but I did preach to him once in a while so he "knew" about God...he just never wanted to be part of this organization...yet, when he passed away I was told repeatedly by the brothers and resurrection publications that I will see him in paradise... I thought to myself, but Jehovah is the only one that determines or says who will resurrect (weather heavenly or earth)...I always thought...we as men are nobody to classify or determine that being part of a certain "organization" is the only way to salvation...Jesus never said such thing...yet some may say that Jehovah has always used an organization giving an Moses and the Israelite "organization" as an example...but then I say, well Jesus is the end of the old covenant...we don't need an organization to be our mediator between us and the true God...Jesus is the ONLY mediator...

    I could just say so many other things, but I felt like sharing this with all of I cannot share this with any family members or brothers since I would be considered an apostate...I truly believe God is the only judge and I will hold myself accountable to Him and no one else...

    Thanks for reading...

  • Tater-T

    welcome.. and good luck .. you seem to be on the right track..

    I left over 20 years ago , with the same feelings that I did not need a man made org to serve Jehovah..

  • nolongerconfused

    thanks tater :o)



    Welcome to the forum. You certainly have a long road ahead of you. I hope you don’t get lost along the way. Fortunately you seem to have a mind that is open to change and learning. I wish you well.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Welcome NLC - as you continue to explore, you will discover other Bible truths which contradict WT teachings, such as "new scrolls".

    They ain't "new", they aint gonna be "wonderful teachings", and they most certainly ain't opened up during the 1000 year reign!!

    I am astounded that after many years, I only last year read the account in Revelation 20:1-12 and discovered the lies told about "new scrolls".

    There are far bigger lies for you to uncover.

    Enjoy your new journey thru the Scriptures, Brother!

  • Ding


  • Pyramid Scheme
    Pyramid Scheme

    Welcome nolongerconfused!

    I share so many of the sentiments you expressed.....

    I'm truly against monthly time reports, special titles of service, asking for donations, judicial committees

    Those were all huge issues for me.....too many JW's just brush it off innocently, but the monthly time reports are just a way to get people feeling guilty and not worthy. Elder and MS qualifications - fruitages of the spirit? kind person? good family man? Nah.....does he get 10 hours in a month in the field service?

    The special titles and designations in the congregation just added to the glorification of others and causing John Q. Publisher to feel guilty and worthless - exactly what Jesus warned against.......more ways to pile guilt and a sense of not doing enough on people.

    Judicial committee? Right out of the "worldly" court systems....I sure can't find it in my Bible.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • tornapart

    Welcome nlc... hope you continue on your journey... there's a number on here who still have a belief in God and see Jesus as their only mediator.... I don't know if you've seen this video?

  • nolongerconfused

    Definitely feels great knowing other people that share the same sentiment...we are not sharing anything apostate like....we are sharing the truth and what the Bible says...

    Never ever, have I read that the disciples or apostles encouraged Christians to obey and be loyal to an organization...Also, when the Bible talks about disfellowshipping, nowhere does it say that one should be disfellowshipped for still believing in Jesus, but going against a man made organization that claims to be a mediator and only way of salvation...

    I feel so much peace now...more than I ever felt in the first 35 years

  • tornapart

    When they say Jehovah has always had an organisation.. what did he have before the Israelites? What has he had in the intervening centuries after the apostles died?

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